Monday, February 4th, 2008

Ext JS IDE Support Roundup

Category: JavaScript, Sencha

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the different IDEs and the support they offer for the various JavaScript libraries. Ext’s uber-coder, Jack Slocum, has put up a blog entry explaining which IDEs support the Ext JS framework: The Ext 2.0 API is very extensive and remembering all of the functions, properties or configs Read the rest…

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Adobe Tamarin Tracing JIT for JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Performance

Chris Double attended the Tamarin Tech summit, and gives us some information about Tamarin Tracing the new trace based JIT experiment: ‘Tamarin Tracing’ is an implementation that uses a ‘tracing jit’. This type of ‘just in time compiler’ traces code executing during hotspots and compiles it so when those hotspots are entered again the compiled Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:33 am
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Functional Programming with JavaScript and Dojo

Category: Dojo, JavaScript

Eugene Lazutkin has written a piece on Functional fun in JavaScript with Dojo where he delves into the land of functional and how it is available in JavaScript. Eugene maps out some of the helpful functions that JavaScript itself has added over time: JS 1.6 (in Firefox 1.5) introduced so-called Array extras: special Array methods, Read the rest…

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Low Pro for jQuery

Category: JavaScript, jQuery, Prototype

Dan Webb has ported Low Pro to jQuery and along the way discusses differences between Prototype and jQuery: The one big reason was that, while jQuery was super simple and concise when working on smaller projects, it offered no help in structuring larger applications. All you get in jQuery, aside from Ajax methods and a Read the rest…

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Namespaced made easy with Prototype

Category: JavaScript, Prototype

kangax keeps up his “Prototype by example”-ness by showing a use of Enumerable#inject. He shows us namespacing made easy: < View plain text > javascript String.prototype.namespace = function(separator) {   this.split(separator || ‘.’).inject(window, function(parent, child) {     return parent[child] = { };   }); } And then you can use it via: < View Read the rest…

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ErlyJS: JavaScript on Erlang

Category: JavaScript

Roberto Saccon has written ErlyJS, a compiler that takes JavaScript and makes it run on the Erlang VM. It is very early days, and supports: Support of a tiny little Subset of Javascript Compilation to Erlang beam files Global Javascript variables are stored at runtime in the Erlang process dictionary (therefore: don’t use global variables Read the rest…

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Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

JavaScript Trim Optimizations

Category: JavaScript

Simon found this gem. Steven Levithan wrote about optimizing a JavaScript trim. As Simon nicely puts it: “it turns out that while regular expressions are great for removing leading whitespace you can do a lot better at trailing whitespace by manually looping backwards from the end of the string.” Since the differences between the implementations Read the rest…

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Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

Cartoon Comic Fun

Category: Showcase

I have been having a bit of fun with cartoons recently. There are a few good Ajax sites that help you do cartoons such as Toonlets, Toondoo (From AdventNet, the Indian company behind Zoho and others), and Pixton. And a bunch more over here. Got some fun ideas for Ajax related comics?

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Ajaxian Roundup for January, 2008: JavaScript Turtles and IE 8

Category: Roundup

January has started the month out in some style. We are seeing a lot of news that shows the Web may actually be moving forward a little. One sign of that is the trickle of news that comes out of Redmond on IE 8. IE8 Compatibility with X-UA-Compatible sparked debate throughout the entire Web community, Read the rest…

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Friday, February 1st, 2008

CSS sprite generator source code released

Category: Browsers, Performance

Want to use CSS sprites but you are too lazy to create them in Photoshop? Edward Eliot and Stuart Colville released a CSS Sprite generator quite a while ago that does the job for you. Now they topped this by releasing the source code of the generator on launchpad (get the tar file), in case Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Heilmann at 6:59 pm
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Google Social Graph API Released

Category: Google, JSON, Social Networks

Reposted from my blog Would you like to be able to make a quick call to get a JSON response that ties together a social graph made up of resources available on the Web? Brad Fitzpatrick, Kevin Marks, and others at Google have released a new Social Graph API that does just that: The new Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:13 pm

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jQuery UI Lead is hired by Liferay

Category: Java, JavaScript, jQuery

Liferay, authors of a popular open source Java portal, have hired Paul Bakaus lead on jQuery UI to work on it full time. Liferay’s plans are to standardize all their products to use jQuery and its plugins for the future (you’ll still be able to use other libraries at the same time) – it’s therefore Read the rest…

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Seek or Show: Two Design Paradigms for Lots of Data

Category: Design, Usability

Bill Scott clued me in to this interesting first post from Theresa Neil on two design paradigms for handling large amounts of data: The Seek Paradigm: Have the user ask for what they want. The Show Paradigm: Display everything up front, and let the user explore and organize it. “The first is usually more prevalent Read the rest…

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Yahoo! Released ASTRA Flash and Flex components

Category: Flash, Yahoo!

The Flash-y folks at Yahoo! have released a slew of Flash and Flex components in their ASTRA suite: New Flash components: AlertManager — a user interface component that creates alert windows and manages their queue. AudioPlayback — a set of controls for audio playback. MenuBar — a component that renders hierarchical data as a row Read the rest…

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Design issues from Aza Raskin

Category: Usability

Aza Raskin has been chatting about a couple of things now that he is at Mozilla. First, Enso 2.0 is on the horizon which will be nice and free. Aza just added his design thoughts for the new version. I am interested in seeing how Enso could do more within the browser. You can already Read the rest…

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Book: Practical DWR 2

Category: Books, DWR

Frank Zammetti has authored the first book dedicated to DWR, Practical DWR 2 (Amazon). Joe Walker wrote a foreward which he posted, and here is Frank’s personal message: Ajax represents a brave, new(ish) world of web development where coding on the client is just as important as on the server side. Hundreds of libraries exist Read the rest…

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