Monday, March 31st, 2008

Google Docs now runs offline with Gears

Category: Gears, Showcase

Being able to have your documents stored up in the cloud, but also saved away for the time where you don’t have connectivity is important, and today the Google Docs team supports local service via Google Gears. I have been using this ability for awhile, and I have personally seen a couple of side effects: Read the rest…

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Happy 10 Year Birthday Mozilla

Category: Browsers, Firefox

Ten years ago today, the code dropped from Netscape to the Mozilla project. Mitchell Baker has written up her thoughts as she looks back the last 10 years, and tries to look at the future. People are celebrating too. Air Mozilla will have a live show with host Asa Dotzler, and guests Mitchell Baker, Brendan Read the rest…

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Using a hash property for security and caching

Category: Performance, Security

Douglas Crockford would like to see a hash= attribute to aid security and performance: Any HTML tag that accepts a src= or href= attribute should also be allowed to take a hash= attribute. The value of a hash attribute would be the base 32 encoding of the SHA of the object that would be retrieved. Read the rest…

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Browser CSS float error detection with jQuery

Category: Browsers, CSS, Debugging, jQuery

Mario Heiderich of Ormigo has created a jQuery based code snippet/bookmarklet that is capable of detecting floating errors and adding a dotted orange border to elements which should be cleared – but aren’t. It saved me a huge bunch of time debugging complex layouts for all browsers – especially IE6. If jQuery isn’t already loaded Read the rest…

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Help Debug Firebug

Category: Debugging, Firefox

There are some bleeding edge releases in the world of the Firebug. A new alpha version of Firebug 1.2 is available for testing. It has several performance improvements, and some new UI. Give it a go and report any issues. Also, ChromeBug takes Firebug into the world of debugging full Firefox extensions. It depends on Read the rest…

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Saving Ourselves From the Unweb

Category: Dojo

Alex Russell gave the inaugural presentation at the Visual Ajax User Group held in the bay area recently. He presented on saving ourselves from the unweb and Chris Keene, CEO of WaveMaker Software, wrote up the talk for us all to read. Alex laid out choices for evolving the Web: We are reaching a fork Read the rest…

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Helpful JavaScript Date Operations

Category: JavaScript, Library

Tavs Dokkedahl has created a set of Date methods which people might find helpful in his JSLab standard libary. Included are Date.getISOWeek, Date.setISOWeek, getFirstDateInWeek, Date.isLeapYear, and Date.format which works like the PHP equivalent. In addition the library also includes other useful functions for Array, Math, Number, Function and other objects.

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Sunday, March 30th, 2008

When rich websites go bad…

Category: Fun, Showcase

We love to showcase good uses of Ajax, but sometimes you have to show the anti-patterns too. Hema is a dutch company that recently tried to revamp their online site, but went a little too far.

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Friday, March 28th, 2008

Dojo 1.1 Released

Category: Announcements, Dojo

The Dojo team has released version 1.1 which includes from over 800 improvements: An easy to use and significantly improved Dojo API Viewer with some seriously great features, including the ability to easily find the original definition of a method that is “mixed-in” A growing collection of demos, tutorials, and articles A new BorderContainer Dijit, Read the rest…

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Using the YouTube API via Ext

Category: Ajax, Sencha

With the YouTube API recently released, there’s bound to be lots of cool controls coming out soon. Thorsten Suckow-Homberg spent a weekend hacking up a Ext-based user extension that leverages YouTube’s chromeless API to build The Ext.ux.YoutubePlayer. The Ext.ux.YoutubePlayer allows developers to embed youtube videos into Ext applications, using native Ext components for controlling the Read the rest…

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Doloto: Code Splitting for Network-Bound Applications

Category: Microsoft, Performance

I missed the Microsoft Research paper on Doloto: Code Splitting for Network-Bound Web 2.0 Applications: Modern Web 2.0 applications, such as GMail, Live Maps, Facebook and many others, use a combination of Dynamic HTML, JavaScript and other Web browser technologies commonly referred as AJAX to push page generation and content manipulation to the client web Read the rest…

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Composing DSLs in JavaScript

Category: Articles, JavaScript

< View plain text > javascript TheRulesAre(function() { with(this) {       a(Player).mayNot(‘buyProperty’).unless(function(player, property) {         return property.owner === null &&                 player.funds >= property.price;     });       a(Property).mayNot(‘addHouse’).when(it().isMortgaged()); }}); Composing DSLs in JavaScript is James Coglan’s latest perusal into fun Read the rest…

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markItUp! – Lightweight Text Editor

Category: Ajax, jQuery

When Jay Salvat set out to build markItUp!, he wasn’t trying to build the next FCKEditor or TinyMCE. He just wanted to build a simple editor that could allow developers to add enhanced markup capability to textarea elements. markItUp! is a JavaScript plugin built on the jQuery library. It allows you to turn any textarea Read the rest…

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Comet Roundup: Gazing, Battles, and Protocols

Category: Comet

There has beern a lot of great Comet content recently, especially from Comet Daily of course :) First, they gazed at their own Comets talking about maturity, together with a maturity grid. Since the project leads and vendors are grading themselves, you have to do due diligence :) Joe Walker has written up 3 styles Read the rest…

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JavaScript and jQuery Talk

Category: JavaScript, jQuery, Presentation

John Resig has published his JavaScript and jQuery talk that he gave at Northeastern. What does he cover? I covered the basics of JavaScript – targeted to a Computer Science major (in the case of the students at NU, they learn Scheme and Java so I emphasized the subject matter to that audience). I did Read the rest…

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Thursday, March 27th, 2008

HotRuby: Run Ruby on a JavaScript interpreter?

Category: JavaScript, Library, Ruby, Showcase

This is from the “wow, really?” department. HotRuby is an implementation of Ruby in JavaScript! The way it works is that a HotRuby “VM” takes the resulting output from YARV and can grok it via JSON: < View plain text > ruby VM::InstructionSequence.compile(cgi[‘src’], "src", 1, OutputCompileOption).to_a.to_json Thus, you can embed Ruby by doing something like Read the rest…

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