Friday, March 21st, 2008

Google AJAX Translation API

Category: Google, JavaScript, Library

The game above uses the new Google AJAX Translation API that allows you to do two things via a simple JavaScript API. Translation If you want to take a word in one language, and translate it to another, you simply call something like this: < View plain text > javascript google.language.translate(‘Gato’, ‘es’, ‘en’, function(result) { Read the rest…

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Yahoo! releases new performance best practices

Category: Performance, Yahoo!

Stoyan Stefanov has been working with the Yahoo! engineers to find more best practices, and presented on a new batch: He covers the existing 14 rules, plus 20 new rules for faster web pages. We’ve categorized the optimizations into: server, content, cookie, JavaScript, CSS, images, and mobile. Here are the new items, with details on Read the rest…

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An Ajax Ascii Art Generator

Category: Showcase

Thomas Hansen of the Gaia Ajax Widgets project took a look a the Asciify project that we posted about recently, and thought that Ajax could do just as good a job! So, he created an Ajax Ascii Art generator: So when I saw this Ajaxian Article about an ASCII art generator in Flash I felt Read the rest…

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Roundup on Parallel Connections

Category: Browsers, Performance

Steve Souders has taken a step back, analyzed the blog content that came out of IE 8 supporting 6 connections per host, and has pulled together the facts to discuss: HTTP/1.1 RFC Section 8.1.4 of the HTTP/1.1 RFC says a “single-user client SHOULD NOT maintain more than 2 connections with any server or proxy.” The Read the rest…

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Category: Fun, Games, JavaScript

Andreas Kalsch has created a simple version of Snake in JavaScript that eats your feeds instead of food. The first time I ever played snake was on a BBC Micro. I was small.

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ShiftEdit: Live blogging tool

Category: Showcase

Jonathan Keebler has updated ShiftEdit to be a nice little live blogging tool. You can login via Facebook or Windows Live (what no OpenID? :) and then can start new live events. You can imagine going to a conference or a Steve-note and popping this bad boy up and typing away.

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Thursday, March 20th, 2008

OpenID and OAuth in the browser?

Category: Browsers, Gears, Security

Originally posted on my personal tech blog When I was looking over Brad Neuberg’s Paper Airplane thought experiment I noticed the single sign on feature, where you login to the browser, and then you are done. I realized that this is what I actually want. Having one signon via OpenID is really nice. It allows Read the rest…

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SMD: Pluggable Web Services

Category: Dojo, JavaScript, JSON, Library

< View plain text > javascript {target:"/jsonrpc", // this defines the URL to connect for the services  transport:"POST", // We will use POST as the transport  envelope:"JSON-RPC-1.2", // We will use JSON-RPC  SMDVersion:"2.0",  services: {    add : { // define a service to add two numbers    parameters: [      {name:"a",type:"number"}, // define Read the rest…

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Why getBoundingClientRect is important

Category: JavaScript, jQuery, Standards

We posted about PPK’s thoughts on CSSOM which included him dissing getBoundingClientRect() and getClientRects(): I feel this part of the specification is not yet ready. At the very least, the relation of TextRectangle boxes to actual elements should be defined in the case there’s more than one TextRectangle box, because I don’t understand what to Read the rest…

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Ajax on Embedded Devices such as the BarracudaDrive

Category: Announcements

There is something cool about being able to write an Ajax app on an embedable device. The people behind BarracudaDrive have released a free version of the BarracudaDrive Ajax application server for the Linksys NSLU2 and the Unslung Linux firmware. Developers can customize and write their own applications by using the integrated scripting language Lua Read the rest…

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Multiple File Uploads with Aptana Jaxer

Category: Aptana, Examples, JavaScript

Dealing with file uploads can be a test of a Web framework. I personally long for the input type=”file” to be improved with items such as multiple=”true” for multiselection, let alone showing the status of the upload (20% complete). The Jaxer folks have posted on Easy File Uploading using Aptana Jaxer which shows how you Read the rest…

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Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Google Visualization joins the Ajax APIs

Category: .NET, Google, JavaScript

Yoah Bar-David & Itai Raz of Google have introduces the latest Ajax API: Google Visualization API, a new API designed for visualizing structured data. There is a large visualization gallery that can show you some of the visualizations that you can use. You tie into the API as you do with other Google Ajax APIs: Read the rest…

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CiUI: CNET iPhone UI

Category: iPhone, JavaScript, UI

Vladimir Olexa of CNET has released CiUI a iUI inspired iPhone JavaScript libary that mimics the iPhone UI behavior. It’s already being used on CNET¹s iPhone page ( It’s been greatly inspired by iUI with a few key differences: AJAX calls are performed after a page slides DOM doesn’t get overloaded with “pages” as they Read the rest…

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Echo 3 releases client side component model

Category: Framework, Java, JavaScript

Echo has been known as a Java server side component framework, but with the release of Echo 3, they have added a way to build component applications using JavaScript: Client-side Echo applications do not require an application server, and can also be run entirely offline. With Echo3, the formerly server-side-only component framework has been recreated Read the rest…

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IE8 and Safari 3.1 compatibility updates

Category: Browsers, Standards

Our hero, PPK, has updated his compatibility tests to include IE 8b1 and Safari 3.1. You can now check out the W3C DOM Compatibility – HTML table, and the W3C DOM Compatibility – Core tests. Thanks for the reference PPK!

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JavaScript Metaclass Programming

Category: JavaScript

Neil Roberts is continuing a really nice set of blog posts with one that teaches us about JavaScript Metaclass Programming: Metaclass programming is the programming that builds a class. Since most of the time a metaclass simply takes an already declared class and manipulates it, you can think of a metaclass as a template: a Read the rest…

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