Thursday, March 13th, 2008

W3C CSSOM View Module

Category: Browsers, JavaScript, Standards

PPK has blogged a critique of the new W3C CSSOM View Module. He is a fan: W3C published the first working draft of the W3C CSSOM View specification (written by Anne van Kesteren), and I must say I’m very happy with it. Since I was testing stuff anyway I created a new compatibility table for Read the rest…

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Secrets of JavaScript Libraries

Category: JavaScript, Presentation

Andrew Dupont, Thomas Fuchs, John Resig, Alex Russell, Sam Stephenson. These were the folks that gathered at SXSW to talk about the “Secrets of JavaScript Libraries” in a panel that was full to the brim (as was the browser wars one the day before). The slides are now up, and the podcast is forthcoming: The Read the rest…

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Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

YTranscript: Using the brand new YouTube chromeless, scriptable player

Category: JavaScript, Library

We saw a very exciting YouTube launch for developers today. People have long wanted to customize the YouTube player, and now you have complete control with a chromeless player that has JavaScript access so you can start, stop, go to a timing, and much more. I took this API and implemented a simple DSL that Read the rest…

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WiseMapping: More Ajax Mind Mapping

Category: Showcase, SVG

WiseMapping is the latest Ajax mind mapping tool developed by Paulo Veiga and three friends. Wise Mapping is a free web mind mapping tool that leverages the power of Mind Maps mixing new technologies like vectorial languages (SVG and VML) and the power of the whole Web 2.0 concept. The tools uses SVG and VML Read the rest…

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RadRails 1.0 Released

Category: Announcements, Aptana, Rails, Screencast

Aptana took over the RadRails open source project a few months back, and now have fully integrated it with Aptana Studio with the RadRails 1.0 release. RadRails 1.0 runs as a plug-in to Aptana Studio. So in addition to all the Ruby on Rails IDE goodies and the integrated Rails shell command-line console, developers get Read the rest…

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Clientside Mootools Library Update

Category: JavaScript, Library, MooTools

Aaron Newton of CNet has posted an update for his Clientside Mootools library: We’ve refactored nearly the entire library and in most cases the changes don’t affect the actual interface to the classes and methods, but not always. Like Mootools, you can download a compatibility layer which will preserve the old syntax if you have Read the rest…

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Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Sitepoint releases HTML reference as a beta

Category: Announcements, Browsers, Microformat

While this is not strictly Ajax or JavaScript related, it is noteworthy to point out that Sitepoint just released a HTML reference that is quite handy to have around if you wonder if what you are building is really HTML or just tagsoup. Good HTML references are really hard to come by, either they are Read the rest…

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Taffy DB Javascript Database

Category: Ajax, Database

Working client-side with data can be challenging and projects have tried to address this in different fashions. Ian Smith, creator of Joe’s Goals, has his own approach. He’s created Taffy DB, a lightweight Javascript database that allows you to insert, update, delete, order, loop, and query against a client-side collection of data. The great thing Read the rest…

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Controller: Event Delegation Library

Category: JavaScript, Library

Brian Moschel has created a new event delegation library called Controller, that aims to help logically organize your event handlers. Like other event delegation libraries, it lets you define event handlers that never have to be reattached, even if the HTML is modified. Unlike other libraries, controllers group event handlers for a specific set of Read the rest…

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ProtoFlow: Coverflow for Prototype

Category: Component, JavaScript, Prototype, Scriptaculous

Obaid Ahmed has written a coverflow-like component on top of Prototype and called ProtoFlow. It is simple to use: < View plain text > HTML <div id="protoflow">     <img src="imgs/DSCN0940_91360.jpg"/>     <img src="imgs/stimme_von_oben_187192.jpg"/>     <img src="imgs/Tropfen_1_Kopie_201721.jpg"/>     <img src="imgs/farbraum_012_147508.jpg"/>     <img src="imgs/IMG_4906_199357.jpg"/>     <img src="imgs/Tropfen_1_Kopie_201721.jpg"/>     <img Read the rest…

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Firefox 3 beta 4: postMessage and perf

Category: Browsers, Firefox

Mozilla has released Firefox 3 beta 4 which includes new standards support and performance: Improved platform features such as: support for HTML5’s window.postMessage and window.messageEvent, JavaScript 1.8 improvements, and offline data storage for web applications. Performance improvements: changes to our JavaScript engine as well as profile guided optimization resulted in significant gains over previous releases Read the rest…

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IE 8 and Performance

Category: Browsers, IE, Performance

Steve Souders has posted on IE 8 and performance improvements. One new nugget of information that I haven’t seen anywhere else is the fact that scripts are now loaded in parallel (and execution is still serial of course): Increasing parallel downloads makes pages load faster. (For users with slower CPUs or Internet connections it could Read the rest…

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Monday, March 10th, 2008

Mozilla Prism update makes it easy to create wrappers

Category: Firefox

Mozilla Prism has just released a new version that shows off Firefox integration: Today we’re releasing a major update to Prism that includes new desktop integration capabilities and simpler installation. With this update, you can now get Prism simply by installing a small extension to Firefox 3. With the new Prism extension for Firefox 3, Read the rest…

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Internal IE-HTML DOM still isn’t XHTML compliant

Category: IE

Jon Davis was glad to see that XHTML compliance was on the list in IE 8, but was surprised to see the above. It turns out that he found: XHTML compliance exists in parsing and rendering only. Microsoft is still using an internal IE-HTML DOM that is not XHTML-compliant, even in XHTML documents. All you Read the rest…

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Appcelerator: RIA + SOA

Category: JavaScript, Toolkit

Appcelerator is a fairly new open source toolkit on the block that is trying to be an Open Web RIA to compete with Flex and co. with high profile folks such as Marc Fleury as advisors. Nolan Wright, CTO, has written a piece for syscon entitled The Next Web Development Episode Is RIA + SOA. Read the rest…

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JavaScript WebDAV Client

Category: JavaScript, Library

Vladimir Lichman of IT Hit has released an Ajax library for managing WebDAV servers. The library is compliant with WebDAV RFC 2518 and allows management of Class 1 and Class 2 complaint WebDAV servers. With IT Hit AJAX Library you can copy, move and delete items, read and set custom properties, lock items and discover Read the rest…

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