Friday, March 7th, 2008

iPhone SDK for Web Developers

Category: iPhone

Man, I was wrong in my post on what about us? and the iPhone SDK. All I knew about was the VP of Phone Software saying “we have stuff coming”, but there is a lot more that that, it is just not mentioned in many places. If you head over to the iPhone DevCenter (registration Read the rest…

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IE and WebKit Performance; Is WebKit the Ralph Nader of Browsers?

Category: Browsers, Performance

We have seen a barrage of performance and compliance information this week haven’t we. Wow. We got a little more yesterday too. The WebKit team talked about the Acid 3 test and how they are up to 90/100: Support for CSS3 Selectors We added support for all of the remaining CSS3 selectors. These include selectors Read the rest…

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How green is your Web site?

Category: Performance

Steve Souders, the Web performance chap, has been inspired to calculate how green your website is based on the correlation between fast pages and energy: Intrigued by an article on Radar about, I looked at my web performance best practices from the perspective of power consumption and CO2 emissions. YSlow grades web pages according Read the rest…

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DWR 3.0 Features, Interview with Joe Walker

Category: Ajax, DWR

SitePen’s Dylan Schiemann has posted about the recent InfoQ interview of Joe Walker and the upcoming release of DWR 3.0. The newest features for DWR include: Offline Support (Google Gears and/or Dojo Offline) TIBCO General Interface integration Aptana Jaxer integration OpenAjax Hub, PubSub, Bayeux, etc. Joe gave a nice example of how the offline functionality Read the rest…

Posted by Rey Bango at 6:38 am
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iPhone SDK: Great if you like Cocoa, but what about us?

Category: iPhone, Mobile

UPDATE: We got new information on the new functionality in Mobile Safari for developers There has been a touch of news about the iPhone SDK from Apple. Most of the press believe that the iPhone SDK exceeds developer expectations. As an iPhone user I am quite happy. I look forward to email / contact / Read the rest…

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Thursday, March 6th, 2008

To ExtPHP, or to PHP-Ext?

Category: JavaScript, PHP, Sencha

I got emails on the same day from two developers letting me know about ExtJS wrappers for PHP. PHP-Ext First, Sergei Walter Guerra told me about PHP-Ext “an open source widget library written for PHP 4 and 5 to empower the UI Layer.” The API looks like this: < View plain text > php echo Read the rest…

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Backbase tests browser JavaScript and Render performance including IE 8

Category: Browsers, JavaScript, Performance

Sjoerd Mulder of Backbase ran a couple of performance tests on a slew of browsers, including IE 8 beta. He tested both the JavaScript performance, and the rendering performance: A lot of respect and thanks to all the browser teams pushing the boundary of performance. I think it’s an awesome result that the current nightlies Read the rest…

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Firecookie: Put you hand in the cookie jar with Firebug

Category: Debugging

Jan Odvárko “missed two movie nights” to create cookie support in Firebug. His Firebug plugin, Firecookie, gives you access to view, search, create, remove, and manage the permissions of a cookie, all from within a Firebug tab. Firecookie creates a log entry every time when a cookie is created, changed, deleted or rejected (an option Read the rest…

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IE 8 on Acid

Category: Browsers, IE, JavaScript

The IE team posted that they were passing Acid2 a few months ago, yet people are seeing a broken face when they tested with IE 8 beta. Phil Nachreiner of IE explained the situation: Although we said that IE8 Beta 1 passes the ACID2 test, some of you may be seeing results like the image Read the rest…

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WebKit, GTK, and Qt

Category: WebKit

Ryan Paul has written about creating rich Internet applications on Linux with WebKit: The open-source WebKit HTML rendering engine is rapidly gaining ground on the Linux platform where it is increasingly being adopted by conventional desktop applications for content display. Ongoing efforts to facilitate tighter WebKit integration are opening the door for developing rich Internet Read the rest…

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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

The FireEagle has landed – personal location information for your applications

Category: Announcements, Conferences, Toolkit, Yahoo!

Yahoo’s Tom Coates today finally released FireEagle at ETech 2008. Seeing Tom in the office for quite a while getting everything ready makes me very happy to announce that it is out and invite you to come along and sign up for the beta to start testing and – even more importantly – developing applications Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Heilmann at 6:33 pm
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Me.dium shows off new IE 8 features

Category: IE, Showcase

Me.dium, the social browsing folks, have put together some examples using the new Activities and Web Slices features. You can install their Activity if you have IE 8, or you can take a look below: As part of Activities, Me.dium now offers a powerful “Social Discovery” Activity from any page. Me.dium’s “Discover” Activity gives you Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:38 pm

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Dynamic Silverlight Launched: Ruby and more in the browser

Category: Microsoft, Ruby

John Lam has posted about a new release, DSL: Dynamic Silverlight. I can’t believe that Microsoft is going to take the DSL TLA ;) Our team is happy to announce Dynamic Silverlight (DSL), which integrates our DLR dynamic languages with Silverlight. It requires Silverlight 2, which includes the cross-platform CLR and a set of libraries Read the rest…

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IE 8: Better Ajax, CSS, DOM, and new features

Category: Browsers, IE

MIX has started, and we have the news we have been waiting for, for some time. What is IE 8 going to do? Microsoft has put out an IE 8 Readiness Report that discusses everything. There is a TON of amazing stuff here. It also looks like they will be using the standards for most Read the rest…

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iWebMvc: DWR, Dojo, Spring and Hibernate/JPA

Category: Dojo, DWR, Java, Library

Joe Walker tipped me off to a preview of iWebMvc which is meta framework that ties together DWR, Dojo, Spring and Hibernate/JPA a la AppFuse or Grails. It is created by Jose Noheda, a DWR commiter, and the project aims are: Is based on Java Although supporting Grooy / JRuby is a plus Helps me Read the rest…

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CouchDB: Using E4X to get the XML back

Category: Database

Christopher Lenz has been spending time on the CouchDB project. He got lulled over when CouchDB went to JSON. He talks about how “CouchDB is pretty well positioned for storing and querying XML data in addition to JSON” via the E4X support that it gets out of the box as it uses SpiderMonkey. < View Read the rest…

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