Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Mad Mimi: WYSIWYG Email Marketing

Category: Prototype, Showcase

When I hear “email marketing” I can’t help but think spam, but it is a legit tool too, and the latest tool in the pack is Mad Mimi. Mad Mimi launched this week and consists of “state-of-the-art UI design makes for layouts that are easier to create -– and easier to read – than emails Read the rest…

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Three Helpful JavaScript Libraries

Category: JavaScript, Library

Oliver Steele has posted on three small JavaScript libraries that he carries around in his toolbox as he goes from project to project. Fluently — Construction Kit for Chainable Methods Fluently lets you build chainable methods, which Oliver used to build a mock test framework. < View plain text > javascript var o = Fluently.make(function(define) Read the rest…

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Last call for W3C XMLHttpRequest comments

Category: Standards, XmlHttpRequest

The W3C has issued a last call on the XMLHttpRequest spec: The Web API Working Group has published the Last Call Working Draft of The XMLHttpRequest Object. The XMLHttpRequest Object specification defines an API that provides scripted client functionality for transferring data between a client and a server. Comments are welcome through 2 June. Learn Read the rest…

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DOH, let me test my code!

Category: Dojo, Testing

Dustin Machi has posted on DOH, the Dojo Objective Harness which is a testing framework for JavaScript. It can be used with your own Dojo applications, and even without any Dojo at all. To do this you need to follow a couple of patterns, and Dustin documents them so you can get going. You end Read the rest…

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Busy.js: Loading indicators with Canvas

Category: Canvas, JavaScript, Library

Christian Effenberger is back with some more canvasy goodness. He has released Busy.js, a library that allows you to add/remove loading indicators to html elements on your webpages (inc. overlay color & transparency). It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean. Requires no plugin/extension or any other external resource. Usage < View plain text Read the rest…

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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

JavaScript: The Good Parts

Category: Books

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Dojo XHR Plugins; How do you want your XHR today?

Category: Dojo, XmlHttpRequest

Neil Roberts goes into the XHR Plugins that Dojo uses and how you can extend the system to have your own. If you look at dojo.xhrGet you will see “Acceptable values are: text (default), json, json-comment-optional, json-comment-filtered, javascript, xml”, but: What you may not know is that the handleAs parameter is merely a way of Read the rest…

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Mosaic Image Builder with Ajax

Category: JavaScript, Showcase

Andy Na has posted about building mosaic pictures using binary ajax techniques. You can check out the demo in action. The library allows you to do this via: < View plain text > javascript var demo = new MosaicBuilder("60×45" /* image name prefix */, 23 /* number of image files */); demo.buildMosaic("60×45.bmp" /* image name Read the rest…

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jQuery and Prototype Benchmarks

Category: JavaScript, jQuery, Performance, Prototype

Piotr Solnica did a couple of posts on jQuery and Prototype benchmarks back in the day, and John-David Dalton just found them. In part one, he runs tests such as: < View plain text > javascript $(‘td.first’).addClass(‘marked’); // jQuery   $$(‘td.first’).each(function(cell){   cell.addClassName(‘marked’); });   // or   $$(‘td.first’).invoke(‘addClassName’, ‘marked’); and concludes: Executed tests show Read the rest…

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CSS Gradients in WebKit

Category: Browsers, CSS, WebKit

Dave Hyatt, the one person I would love to get to TAE to join the other browsers, posted about CSS gradients in WebKit: < View plain text > css -webkit-gradient(<type>, <point> [, <radius>]?, <point> [, <radius>]? [, <stop>]*) So what exactly is a gradient in CSS? It is an image, usable anywhere that image URLs Read the rest…

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Monday, April 14th, 2008

Event Delegation for blur and focus

Category: Browsers, JavaScript, Standards, Unobtrusive JS, Usability

Over at, Peter-Paul Koch is researching if Event Delegation which works splendidly with click events is also possible for blur and focus. Event Delegation means that you piggy-back on the behaviour of browsers to report events on child nodes up the tree to their parents. Instead of applying event handlers to each element you Read the rest…

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Server-side jQuery, E4X, and more with Jaxer

Category: Aptana, Articles, JavaScript, Server

Davey Waterson of the Aptana Jaxer team has posted an article on using jQuery on the server-side with E4X and more that shows an example of server-side Ajax with a popular framework. The article describes a polling application that features: Using jQuery server-side to manipulate a DOM before it’s sent to the client Doing some Read the rest…

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Appcelerator on App Engine

Category: Google, JavaScript, Showcase

I had a funny feeling that we would see frameworks and tools starting to support Google App Engine. Appcelerator has added support into their SDK, so you can now create an App Engine project. They just ported Tejus’s appTunes demo to the App Engine and deployed it at The example uses embedded Flex components Read the rest…

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using.js: manage JavaScript dependencies

Category: JavaScript, Library, Performance

Jon Davis created Using.js, a simple library to manage dependencies with the goals of: Seperate script dependencies from HTML markup (let the script framework figure out the dependencies it needs, not the designer) Make script referencing as simple and easy as possible (no need to manage the HTML files) Lazy load the scripts and not Read the rest…

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Joose expands with new ORM

Category: Gears, JavaScript

Malte has continued to work on Joose, his meta object system for JavaScript. He has added a lot of documentation, including cookbooks that tell the story nicely. He also told us about a feature that is near and dear to my Google heart: Joose now includes a simple object relational mapper for the Gears database Read the rest…

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Friday, April 11th, 2008

Dromaeo: JavaScript Engine Testing

Category: JavaScript, Performance

John Resig has put out Dromaeo maybe a touch before he wanted to due to people finding it :) The site hosts a subset of the WebKit Sun Spider JavaScript engine tests right now, with the desire to push on and do a lot more. You can run tests and then compare your own results. Read the rest…

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