Friday, April 11th, 2008

Java Plugin: The Kernel is back

Category: Java

Ethan Nicholas of Sun has posted an article on Java 6 update 10 which just came out in beta to play. For Java folk there are some huge wins, and for the first time in ages the Java applet has huge changes. If Java Applets can get past the sniggering baggage, there is actually interesting Read the rest…

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Upside Down Text

Category: Fun, JavaScript

Yup, check the calendar, it’s Friday! John Dyer has implemented the much asked for upside down text JavaScript that lets you code this: < View plain text > HTML <script type="text/javascript" src="upsidedown.js"></script>   <div class="upsidedowntext">I can be read in any orientation</div> <div>I can be read in any orientation</div>   <div class="upsidedowntext">This is Tom Cruise taking Read the rest…

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Mozilla Fennec: The mobile browser wars

Category: Browsers, Firefox, Mobile

IE may be the dominant browser on the desktop, but the mobile wars are going strong. WebKit, Opera, and Pocket IE have a lot of users, but Mozilla has been a little weak in the past. Now though, they have a new Fennec browser that takes the great performance gains in Firefox 3, and makes Read the rest…

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Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Ajaxian Featured Tutorial: Hacking transparent PNG support into IE6 with IE PNG Fix, CSS and jQuery

Category: CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

During his work in redesigning the Pathfinder web site, Brian Dillard came across the infamous IE6 transparent PNGs issue and used two methods to tackle the issues. He decided to do a nice write-up explaining how he worked around the fact that IE6, while it would render PNGs, would not retain their alpha-channel transparency and Read the rest…

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Gears and Web Standards

Category: Gears, Standards

Aaron Boodman, co-lead of the Gears team, has written a very thoughtful post on how Gears relates to various Web standards. My analogy was that of a zipper bringing things together: Back to Aaron’s post which I couldn’t say any better, so I put here for ease of browsing: Gears is about more than just Read the rest…

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Dojo 1.1 Nice Features

Category: Dojo

Alex Russell has written up some of the features of Dojo 1.1 that may not shout out at you in the release notes: Core I should mention a couple of Core features from 1.1 that might otherwise go overlooked, though. The first is a lack of visible change. Dojo Core and Dijit from 1.1 are Read the rest…

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IE 8 Security Updates

Category: Browsers, IE, Security

Microsoft has put out a set of security updates, and one of them is discussed in a post IE8 Security Part I: DEP/NX Memory Protection. Over the next several weeks, we’ll blog in greater detail about some of the security improvements in Beta 1, such as the new Safety Filter, greater control over ActiveX controls, Read the rest…

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NetBeans now includes JavaScript support

Category: JavaScript, Utility

That looks like some nice, smart completion doesn’t it? Tor Norbye has moved from Ruby to get solid JavaScript support in NetBeans. There are a ton of features, as you can see in his post. You can even do things like setup browser compatibility (saw this first in VisualStudio): Great to see IDEs getting better Read the rest…

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Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Canvas2Image: Save out your canvas data to images

Category: Canvas, JavaScript, Library

More from Jacob Seidelin. He has created Canvas2Image, a library that takes <canvas> data and makes an image out of it. This means that you can create canvas images on the fly and then: < View plain text > javascript var strDataURI = oCanvas.toDataURL();   // returns "…" See the full API in use here: Read the rest…

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DOMAssistant 2.7 is Out, Strong Unicode Support and Enhanced Performance

Category: Framework, JavaScript

Now that DOMAssistant has a formal team behind it, the updates keep coming fast and furious. The team announced last night the release of DOMAssistant 2.7, with a host of new features and big improvements in CSS selector performance: After a lot of hard work, we’re more pleased than ever to present the new version Read the rest…

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Getting feedback to the IE 8 team

Category: IE

The following email was sent out to Microsoft MVPs (read: friendly people :), but we should give them our honest feedback too: Microsoft has recently released a public beta of IE8. Standards and security are of top importance in this release. To that end, the IE team is planning on releasing IE8 in full standards Read the rest…

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A wishlist for Ajax APIs

Category: Ajax

Following discussions at the Highland Fling conference with the audience and Gareth Rushgrove (whose excellent presentation on API design we featured here already) I sat down and came up with a wishlist for a great Ajax API. As an example I used the Google translation API, pointed out its good points and explained what I’d Read the rest…

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Super Mario; 14KB of JavaScript

Category: Canvas, Fun, Games, JavaScript

Jacob Seidelin is doing great work, and for something fun, he build a piece of Super Mario in just 14KB of JavaScript: Here’s an experiment in keepings things small and confined to one Javascript file. There are no external image files or anything, everything is rendered with Javascript using either canvas elements or old fashioned Read the rest…

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Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

JS Time Machine

Category: Component, JavaScript, UI

Kristian Thornley had a unique requirement for displaying data change overtime and thought that he would build a Mac Leopard JS Time Machine. Kristian told us that “currently the effect suffers if the data in the panels are too detailed and I will probably set up some event handlers e.g. onScale preScale postScale which could Read the rest…

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MooWheel: Unique Data Visualization

Category: MooTools

Josh Gross, the creator of the Ajax-powered AjaxIM instant messenger, has come up with a unique way to visualize data: The purpose of this script is to provide a unique and elegant way to visualize data using Javascript and the canvas object. This type of visualization can be used to display connections between many different Read the rest…

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Chandler Server Upgrades to Dojo 1.0.2

Category: Dojo

The Chandler Project, an open source, standards-based information manager, has upgraded their OSS PIM to use Dojo v1.0.2. The upgrade has provided for improved performance and extended the UI capabilities via Dojo’s user interface building API, Dijit. The first changes I’m excited about are, like our latest release, less wholesale modifications than improvements and commitments Read the rest…

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