Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

What does Google App Engine mean for Ajax developers?

Category: Cloud, Google

I have been really looking forward to seeing the Google App Engine launch, and get in the hands of developers. This is just a preview release, and I obviously would like to see more languages and frameworks above and beyond Python and what we have now. The non-Pythonistas will all be saying “what about [insert Read the rest…

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Web Archeology: Java Pluglet API

Category: Standards

I started a new series of posts on Web Archeology where I look back at old Web tech to maybe divine some inspiration from the future. I am re-posting from my original blog Even since Ben and I looked at the notes for the first version of Mozilla that supported XMLHttpRequest, which suddenly took the Read the rest…

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Pi.Debugger: Cross browser debugging

Category: Debugging

Azer Koçulu has added to pi.comet with a new cross browser debugger pi.debugger. The look is inspired by Firebug: Check out the open source project.

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JavaScript has staying power; Used in Stargate

Category: Fun

This one is geeky. Someone watched the Stargate episode below and found JavaScript used in the console (above). Interesting to see that JS1 is used in the future ;)

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Monday, April 7th, 2008

Spket IDE 1.6.11 Released

Category: JavaScript

The team at Spket Studio continues to enhance their Eclipse-based Spket IDE announcing today the release of Spket IDE 1.6.11. The updates include: A Theme Builder for the Ext JS framework Code assist for JavaScript improvements (references) Code assist support JavaScript keywords and documention view for JavaScript editor (references) Preferences for color of matching brackets Read the rest…

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Flinging APIs in the Highlands

Category: Presentation

Gareth Rushgrove has been talking a lot about API design; a true art amid the science of CSci. He gave a presentation at the highland fling (our own Christian Heilmann was there too) and starts out by walking through thoughts on the various ways that we (or robots, or rabbits) interact with the Web. Then Read the rest…

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Adobe Releases AIR for Linux, Joins LSF

Category: Adobe

Adobe continues to expand its support for the Linux platofrm by announcing the release of the Adobe AIR runtime for Linux. This expands the ability to deploy AIR desktop applications to the three major operating systems (Windows, OS X & Linux) while still using the standard web technologies developers have become accustomed to. This release Read the rest…

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window.crypto: want crypto primitives in the browser? You may already have it

Category: Browsers, Firefox, Security

It seems to make sense to add crypto helpers to the browser, for use by us, the humble JavaScript developer. I have called out to this in the past and people bring it up often on various lists. Brad Neuberg found that Gecko actually has built-in crypt primitives via window.crypto! Mozilla defines a special JavaScript Read the rest…

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JavaScript SAX Based Parser

Category: JavaScript, Library

Gregory Reimer fancies SAX, and wished that a SAX parser was given to us by the JavaScript host environment. You can’t blame him for not living DOM, but how about E4X? Or, StAX? Anyway, Gregory decided to build a SAX based parser in JavaScript itself, using simple search and replace: After reading Search and Don’t Read the rest…

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iPhone WebKit Goodness: 3D CSS Transforms and ontouch events

Category: iPhone, JavaScript, Library, Mobile

Apple is secretive. I normally don’t mind so much, as they always come through on yet another cool Mac product. If I could know one thing though, it wouldn’t be when the next Macbook Pro is coming out, or when we will see the 3G iPhone. Instead, I wish I knew the attentions in the Read the rest…

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Friday, April 4th, 2008

ASP.Net Ajax Site and Silverlight

Category: Microsoft

This is an interesting one. If you go to learn about ASP.Net Ajax at the Microsoft site itself you not only see info about the product, including this: ASP.NET AJAX is a free framework for quickly creating efficient and interactive Web applications that work across all popular browsers. ASP.NET AJAX is built-into ASP.NET 3.5. It Read the rest…

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Dojo-Mini and the Feature Explorer

Category: Dojo, Showcase

Above is the breakdown from the Dojo distribution. Peter Higgins was working on an AIR application using the new Dojo AIR integration and wanted to do a better job at stripping down the Dojo build for what he needed. He ended up with a set of scripts to create a custom build nicely which includes: Read the rest…

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Popularity, History, and SCRIPT SHARED

Category: JavaScript

Brendan Eich has responded to Doug Crockford talking about the popularity of JavaScript, and the hash method for sharing JavaScript, in his post on Popularity. In in he starts out by discussing the history of JavaScript, warped as it may be: As I’ve often said, and as others at Netscape can confirm, I was recruited Read the rest…

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Audible Ajax Episode 25: State of Ajax

Category: Podcasts

Ben and I were both in the same place for once, so we whipped out a recorder and produced a new Audible Ajax podcast. There has been a lot going on in the Ajax-related space, and we cover our thoughts on: IE 8 and standards Acid3 testing Server side JavaScript vs. polyglots Fluid and GreaseKit Read the rest…

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GQuery: Java, GWT, and jQuery together

Category: GWT, jQuery

Are you a fan of GWT but would like toms jQuery magic mixed in? Ray Cromwell has your back, as he has created GQuery, an implementation of jQuery for GWT. This means that you can write code like this: < View plain text > java public void onModuleLoad() {     $("div").css("color", "red").click(new Function() { Read the rest…

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Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

But I’m not moving my mouse!

Category: Browsers

PPK has detailed another “when a browser vendor codes to IEs bugs… and they actually get around to fixing them” problem. It appears that IE used to do something strange with onmousemove, and events would fire every X seconds even if you haven’t moved the mouse: When doing my new mousemove test I found a Read the rest…

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