Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Stack: A native Array wrapper that works

Category: JavaScript, Library, Performance

Andrea Giammarchi has created a native array wrapper that works across browsers. He is excited: I do not know how many times, during this years, JavaScript Ninjas have tried to subclass the native Array to create libraries over its powerful methods without losing performance. I have finally discovered the way to remove the locked length Read the rest…

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classy_inputs: Rails plugin to add autoclass names

Category: CSS, Ruby

We all want to use input[type=text] but browser support doesn’t seem to quite be there (IE 6?). This lead James Coglan down the path of creating a teeny Rails plugin, classy_inputs: Good lord do I ever hate input tags. (YUI hates them too, but I’ll leave that story for another time). All the different types Read the rest…

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An easier and more accessibe YouTube player

Category: Accessibility, Usability

We’ve covered the YouTube JavaScript API here before and especially the chance to write your own players in HTML and JavaScript with it. Especially the ext.js based one to one copy of the YouTube interface was of interest. At the Accessibility2.0 conference in London earlier this year, Antonia Hyde of United Response gave a talk Read the rest…

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Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Browser cookie restriction research

Category: Browsers

Nicholas C. Zakas was doing some prep work for his new book when he delved into browser cookie restrictions for the big four browsers: The most interesting fact I discovered is that Safari places no limit on the number of cookies that can be set per domain. In fact, you can set enough cookies on Read the rest…

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moo.rd 1.3 released

Category: JavaScript, Library

The moo.rd team has released version 1.3.1 of the moo.rd extension and seems to be almost a rewrite, nowbased on MooTools 1.2 so it uses the new MooTools syntax and logic. The team told us about the release: This release features new components like the Cycle Effects and Cycles Effects which allows to create powerful Read the rest…

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IE 8 and Cross Document Messaging

Category: Browsers, IE, Standards

IEBlog has posted about the IE 8 support of postMessage, which is great news. They link to a MSDN article that discusses the support, and a use case. Jeff Walden noted that “the interface implemented by the current IE8 beta lags the HTML5 specification by several revisions in backwards-incompatible ways, so if you’re going to Read the rest…

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Webmonkey is back!

Category: Editorial

Webmonkey was a great resource for us when we the Web took off, and it was a shame to see it die out. Today we saw that Webmonkey has been re-born as Conde bought it back and put the content back online. We have also republished the bulk of Webmonkey’s vast library of tutorials and Read the rest…

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Monday, May 19th, 2008

dojox.lang.aspect: More than just interception

Category: Dojo, JavaScript, Library

Eugene Lazutkin has written a very thorough post on dojox.lang.aspect a module that takes AOP seriously in JavaScript. As someone who has been to a couple AOSDs (the AOP software conference) and was excited to see AOP on the scene, it is good to see someone who gets it working on the JavaScript side. Of Read the rest…

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Having a Tamarin trace a Spidermonkey

Category: Firefox, JavaScript, Performance

David Mandelin has posted about Tracehydra, which is the idea that the traced based JIT engine that is being worked on as part of Tamarin could be hooked up to Spidermonkey. Tracehydra would be the fluffy cloud that translates Spidermonkey bytecode to Tamarin IL (or possibly LIR-the details get confusing fast). (In the interest of Read the rest…

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Some more JavaScript performance tips

Category: JavaScript, Performance

Thierry Schellenbach has written up some thoughts about JavaScript optimization for Prototype apps after playing with console.profile() / console.profileEnd() in his Prototype applications. The core advice is pretty simple: Beware of $$ and event binding Beware of other Prototype methods (reports a 40 times speed different between innerHTML and element.update) Write to innerHTML instead of Read the rest…

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Friday, May 16th, 2008

Cubescape: Isometric Pixel Fun

Category: Games, JavaScript, jQuery

Ever wanted to create your own isometric pixel picture, but didn’t know what the word isometric meant? Well, now you can fulfill your wildest dreams with Cubescape! That is the headline for Cubescape, a site that released a new jQuery based front end that lets you drop the cubes! Perfect for a Friday, go ahead Read the rest…

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A new spin on the datepicker control

Category: JavaScript, jQuery

Just when you thought that datepickers had been played out, along comes Filament Group and puts a whole new spin on it. Working from Mark Grabanski’s jQuery UI DatePicker control, the team substantially enhanced the UI with a host of new features including: shortcut links to preset date ranges, for example, “Past 30 days” or Read the rest…

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Spring WebFlow 2.0; JavaScript Module Released

Category: Dojo, Java, JavaScript, Library

Spring Web Flow 2.0 has been released which includes a new Spring JavaScript module. Here is an example of an onclick wrapper calling an Ajax event: < View plain text > HTML <a id="prevResultsLink" href="search?searchString=${searchCriteria.searchString}&page=${ – 1}">Previous Results</a> <script type="text/javascript">     Spring.addDecoration(new Spring.AjaxEventDecoration({         elementId: "prevResultsLink",         event: Read the rest…

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Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Split the Initial Payload; Why are we sending all JavaScript down in one go

Category: JavaScript, Performance

Steve Souders has another insightful post where he discusses splitting the initial payload for the JavaScript in your page / application. Steve first outlines how JavaScript can affect how the browser renders a page: The growing adoption of Ajax and DHTML means today’s web pages have more JavaScript than ever before. The average top ten Read the rest…

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Ajaxian Featured Tutorial: Writing Your First YUI Application

Category: Tutorial, Yahoo!

Eric Miraglia has posted a great tutorial on how to build your first YUI application. He runs you through the steps of creating a simple application that leverages YUI‘s AutoComplete Control to create a site-search form powered by the Yahoo!’s Search web service. The tutorial is a great walkthrough of both how to build the Read the rest…

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Doctype: You want tests with your copy?

Category: Google, JavaScript

Doctype is an exciting beast, and for many reasons. Having a place to collect this data is key, and as I said yesterday, I can’t wait to see it grow as an open resource. The other cool part of Doctype is that there are tests to backup claims. This seems like a “no brainer” as Read the rest…

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