Monday, June 30th, 2008

CSS Variables are …. here!

Category: CSS, WebKit

We talked about how CSS variables are next a few months back, and now they are here! WebKit now has an experimental implementation of CSS variables: You can test this feature using a WebKit nightly Test cases Once again, via Dylan Schiemann.

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ShiftZoom: Zoomify your oversize images

Category: Canvas, JavaScript, Library

ShiftZoom 1.0 is the latest tool from Christian Effenberger that allows you to add zoom and pan functionality to oversized images on your webpages. It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean. Requires no plugin/extension or any other external resource! It works in all the major browsers – Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9+, IE Read the rest…

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JSON Diff Released

Category: JSON, Utility

Tom Robinson has built a useful utility, JSON Diff, which gives you a graphical look at the difference. Changed portions are displayed in yellow. Additions are displayed in green. Deletions are displayed in red. The visualization is live itself, so you can move around the nodes using the triangles.

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JavaScript Protocol Fuzzer

Category: JavaScript, Testing

Gareth Heyes has written a JavaScript protocol fuzzer which has the goal of “producing every variation of javascript execution from links.” If you check out the demo you see all of the options available to fuzz: Number of characters – This inserts between 1 and 10 characters in the chosen position Character position – The Read the rest…

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Friday, June 27th, 2008

The fight for cross domain XMLHttpRequest

Category: Security, XmlHttpRequest

There is a thread going on secure cross domain requests. Microsoft came out with a paper saying that the W3C standard isn’t secure, and pushing the Microsoft XDR spec: A few proposals and implementations exist like XDomainRequest in IE8, JSONRequest and the W3C’s Web Applications Working Group’s Cross Site XMLHttpRequest (CS-XHR) draft specification, which combines Read the rest…

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dragtable: drag-and-drop reorderable columns for an HTML table

Category: Component, JavaScript

Dan Vanderkam has announced a new component dragtable: Over the past several years, Stuart Langridge’s sorttable Javascript library has found widespread use. It’s easy to see why. Just add class=sortable to a table tag and its column headers automatically support click to sort. Pretty slick. But sometimes sorting just isn’t enough. What if you want Read the rest…

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Working with Web Services with ease; and the WikipediaStore

Category: Dojo

Revin Guillen has posted about the Dojo API and how you can layer access to Web services in a very elegant way. His example shows building access to Wikipedia (demo): Dojo recently received a new data store that demonstrates exactly what we want: It does just what it sounds like, turning Wikipedia into Read the rest…

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CSS General Sibling Combinator in action

Category: CSS, Tip

< View plain text > css #indirect-example1 h4 + p, #indirect-example2 h4 ~ p {     background-color: #CCC; color: #F00; } Eric Wendelin has taken a look at the general sibling combinator shown above as: < View plain text > css h4 ~ p {} This would affect each <p> element that is a Read the rest…

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Velocity Conference Videos and Slides

Category: Performance

Steve Souders has a wrap up on the Velocity conference that he co-chaired. He links to his favourite content from the show, which contains a lot of Ajax related work. It was really good to hear snippets form the show such as Eric Lawrence of Microsoft saying “we hope to make Steve’s book out of Read the rest…

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eval(‘foo=a’, obj.fn); How you aren’t private in Firefox

Category: JavaScript

Peter Michaux has found the magical eval(…, context) method available in the Firefox implementation. This means that you can’t create truly private data: < View plain text > javascript // Getting "private" variables var obj = (function() {   var a = 21;   return {     // public function must reference ‘a’   Read the rest…

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Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Browser Memory Footprints; Watching with real usage

Category: Browsers

Sam Allen has done something that I was actually going to try to do… use browsers for a period and try to measure what happens to performance and such over that time period. Real usage. Normal usage. Sam created browser memory profiles from his work and then concluded: These profiles are meant to provide a Read the rest…

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YUI Autogrid: Correctly resize the grids

Category: CSS, Yahoo!

Our own Christian Heilmann has created a new JavaScript library Autogrid that marries YUI Grids, the base CSS library, to allow for smart resizing: I love YUI Grids. I know my CSS and I know how to work around diff erent problems of browsers, but I am also very much bored about having to fix Read the rest…

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Opera gets proactive and helps you fix your code

Category: Opera

Opera is being very pro-active and have been hiring folk to give compliance feedback for sites that aren’t working well on Opera. Nik Cubrilovic covered this on the new TechCrunch IT blog: Opera Software is building a team of “web evangelists” whose job it is to find sites that do not display correctly in Opera Read the rest…

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Book Excerpt: Practical Prototype and, Advanced Ajax Chapter 4

Category: Books, Prototype

Andrew Dupont has written Practical Prototype and and has kindly given us a chapter excerpt to peruse. You can download chapter 4 in PDF format here. The chapter covers “Ajax: Advanced Client/Server Communication”: By now, you’re almost certainly familiar with Ajax as a buzzword. Technically, it’s an acronym—Asynchronous JavaScript and XML — and refers Read the rest…

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Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Apple, SproutCore, and Coherent

I heard from a little birdy that Apple is going to be doing some interesting things with respect to JavaScript libraries. Recently there has been a lot of buzz around SproutCore / Mobile Me, Objective-J / 280 Slides and remember the Coherent Cocoa Databinding framework? I think that Apple took note of the recent buzz, Read the rest…

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flXHR: Flash based XHR from flensed

Category: Ajax, Flash, JavaScript, Library

Kyle Simpson has announced a new family of opensource projects called flensed and the first project being flXHR which “utilizes javascript+flash to create a complete, literal drop-in replacement (by being API identical) for the native browser XHR (Ajax) communication mechanism. However, flXHR uses Flash Player’s security model to enable direct cross-domain communication, and also has Read the rest…

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