Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Processing and Obsessing

Category: UI

Obsessing is a “very alpha” service that allows you to edit and build Processing.js applications on the fly. The editor is a tough flaky, but you can create and save your programs back to the cloud.

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Badging Flickr with Dojo

Category: Dojo, Examples

Dylan Schiemann has a really nice case study post on implementing a Flickr badge with Dojo. What is particularly interesting is how he starts with a simple version: < View plain text > HTML <head> … <link rel="stylesheet" href="/dojo/dojox/image/resources/image.css" /> <style type="text/css">     img.thing { width:50px; height:50px; } </style> … </head> <body> … <div Read the rest…

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SymbolicWeb: Ajax and Comet with Lisp

Category: Framework

No matter how much Paul Graham talks about his Web success, we don’t hear too often about Lisp-powered Web applications. SymbolicWeb is offering up a new type of framework to help change that. SymbolicWeb aims to create a GUI framework similar to GTK+ and QT for Common Lisp. It differs in that it uses the Read the rest…

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Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

KITE: Keynote’s Internet Test Environment

Keynote has announced KITE their “Internet Test Environment.”: KITE is a product that is used by Keynote customers today. But at Velocity we will be announcing the KITE Early Adopter program in which Keynote is allowing anyone in the world to sign up (at to work with us to put this FREE product to Read the rest…

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Rendering performance in Canvas compared to SVG and VML

Category: Canvas, Performance

Just after I posted about Ernest’s canvas experiment with photos he put something else up that tests the performance of rendering polygons with Canvas compared to other techniques. The demo lets you run a live test, and view saved tests, comparing the Google Maps interface, which “currently draws polygons using VML for Internet Explorer, SVG Read the rest…

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Clientperf: Simple Client-Side Rails Performance

Category: Performance, Rails

Eric Falcao has released Clientperf, a simple client-side Rails performance plugin. The tool came about as Eric is giving a talk on “14 rules of high-performance websites in the typical rails mongrel/nginx stack, the main idea being to focus on some of the important implementation details when it comes to client-side performance optimization.” As I Read the rest…

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YSlow now has Firefox 3 support

Category: Performance, Yahoo!

Keeping in the performance vein, YSlow put a new version out in time for Firefox 3. The new version includes: Firefox 3 and Firebug 1.2 beta support improved and simplified check for javascript minification different coloring for inline vs. external CSS and JS (“All CSS” and “All JS” features) clickable list of resources as a Read the rest…

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Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Jiffy Firebug Plugin: Fine grained calculation of performance timings

Category: Performance

Today is the kick off of the Velocity performance conference, and we are going to see a fair share of performance news over the next day or two. To start out, Bill Scott (Rico/ex-Yahoo/now Netflix) has announced a new Firebug plugin, Jiffy that adds a new tab showing fine grained performance data. You want to Read the rest…

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CNET Updates the Clientside MooTools Plugin Repository

Category: MooTools

The MooTools team recently announced v1.2 of their namesake JavaScript library and hot on the heels of this release is an update to the CNET Clientside MooTools plugin repository. CNET has a very comprehensive set of controls and widgets that complement the MooTools library that provide such functionality as carousels, slideshows, date pickers and tabs. Read the rest…

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Photo Collages with Canvas

Category: Canvas

Ernest Delgado is having fun experimenting with canvas. He has posted on one of his tests which involved creating a photo-table-like system. You can visit the demo that allows you to work with some photos and export them out. You can play with adding borders, show corners for rotation, all on the fly. It is Read the rest…

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4.3 rating from 38 votes gets another new build

Category: Browsers

Todd Ditchendorf keeps on pushing with Fluid, the Single Site Browser system that does so much more by giving you rich integration points. Ben and I demonstrated how we use Campfire as a Fluid application that ties us into Growl and more. The latest version includes the following new features: Single Window Browsing Mode (General Read the rest…

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Combobox Coolness by Giva Labs

Category: jQuery

The team at Giva Labs were looking for a method to show off a complex hierarchical tree of options within their software applications and while there are many options in terms of UI controls, they needed something that would be intuitive and offer both mouse and keyboard entry. The requirements were challenging: Menus must resize Read the rest…

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Endpoint Resolver: JavaScript Library to hunt for Location redirects

Category: JavaScript, JSON

Re-posted from my personal blog Sometimes you can get in the zone just enough to be productive on a plane. On my flight to Mexico City yesterday, I created Endpoint a project that contains a server proxy, JavaScript client, and Greasemonkey Script with a mission. The mission is to take a URL, work out if Read the rest…

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Friday, June 20th, 2008

Magic Toolbox: High-quality JavaScript Image Effects… for a Price

Category: Design, JavaScript

Jake Brumby of the European Ajax development shop Magic Toolbox recently pointed us to three of their creations: Magic Zoom, Magic Magnify, and Magic Thumb. Each of these effects has a really nice implementation that works across a large number of browsers: Jake shared some of their experiences building these effects with us: Initially, our Read the rest…

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Preloading Images with jQuery

Category: jQuery

Just the other day I was chatting with a colleague about how to go about pre-loading images before rendering a cool JavaScript-driven animation; Scott Jehl from the Filament Group wrote in to tell us about a jQuery plug-in that they use for just that purpose: We recently put out a super handy jQuery plugin for Read the rest…

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Ajax Experience 2008 Registration Open

Category: The Ajax Experience

We’re pleased to announce that registration for The Ajax Experience is now open! The event is being held in Boston this year, from September 29 to October 1. Mini-Events In addition to the usual agenda full of interesting sessions and compelling content, we’re pleased to announce that concurrent with the Ajax Experience, several of the Read the rest…

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