Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

crossdomain.xml, Java, and JNLP

Category: Java

Joshua Marinacci has detailed how Java SE 6 update 10 supports the same crossdomain.xml that Flash supports, and how you can marry it with JNLP to allow you to do Applet mashups without permission dialogs. The applet security model, known as the sandbox, only lets applets connect to the webserver they were loaded from. They Read the rest…

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Dojo Firebug Lite: Beyond console.log

Category: Debugging, Dojo

Mike Wilcox has posted on Firebug Lite for Dojo and shows how he has taken it beyond console.log(). I was most excited about the DOM inspector: Yes, I did say that a DOM inspector would imitate existing tools. However, I implemented this for a colleague who was struggling with a particularly nasty IE 6.0 bug Read the rest…

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Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Using CSS transforms to Build a Coverflow Effect

Category: WebKit

Webkit’s new CSS transforms are hot and developers are really starting to take notice. The ability to rotate and scale DOM elements via CSS has gotten people thinking about new possibilities. LifeRay’s Paul Bakaus has been experimenting with the new feature and was able to create a cool iTunes-like coverflow effect that actually flows and Read the rest…

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Yahoo! Design Stencil Kit 1.0

Category: UI, Yahoo!

The folks at Y!DN have released Yahoo! Design Stencil Kit 1.0, which contains a full set of stencils that cover Web components in various states including: Ad Units Calendars Carousels Charts and Tables UI Controls Form Elements Grids Menus and Buttons Mobile – General Mobile – iPhone Navigation and Pagination OS Elements Placeholder Text Screen Read the rest…

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Gaia Widgets 3.0 “Glory”

Category: Toolkit

Thomas Hansen has released Gaia Glory the latest version of the toolkit library. There are a ton of samples, and Thomas highlights the following: TreeView GridView Portal Example Dynamic Image Controls Madness Complex Controls Mixed One big feature is the new skinning: We are for this release MIT licensing our skins. Not only is the Read the rest…

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Flipping out over Safari

Category: CSS, Tip

Thomas Fuchs is having some fun at RailsConf, and sent out a fun use of the new WebKit transformations using the medium of the bookmarklet: < View plain text > javascript javascript:document.body.style[‘-webkit-transform’]=’rotate(180deg)’;   javascript:document.body.style[‘-webkit-transform’]=’rotate(‘+prompt(‘degrees’,180)+’deg)’; Use this bookmarklet (drag to bookmarks bar): flip or this one if you want a prompt: flip2.

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Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Acrobat.com: PDF and Flash sitting in a tree

Category: Flash, Showcase

Ever since Macromedia and Adobe merged, we have been waiting for a day where PDF and Flash played really nice together, and today is the day. Very symbolic for the folks from the companies before the merge. As TechCrunch says: At the same time Adobe is launching Acrobat.com, it is releasing Acrobat 9—a major upgrade Read the rest…

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