Thursday, July 31st, 2008

JavaFX: The preview has landed

JavaFX was announced at JavaOne…. in 2007, and we are now seeing a preview release. Josh Marinacci of the JavaFX team put together a post with an example that builds the following: The code for this is simply: < View plain text > java package blogdemo;   import javafx.scene.*; import javafx.scene.paint.*; import javafx.scene.geometry.*; import javafx.application.*; Read the rest…

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IE 8 and the User Features

Category: Browsers, IE

The first main play for IE 8 was to get developers on board, and start a conversation with us on what they are fixing, and where they are going. There were a couple of user features such as Activities and Web Slices, but you could tell they hadn’t finished there. In their latest blog post Read the rest…

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JSON Pickle: Serialize your complex Python objects to JSON

Category: JSON, Python

John Paulett wanted to be able to define complex Python model objects, then seamlessly pass them into CouchDB and to client-side Javascript. To make this happen for objects that are beyond primitive sets he created JSON Pickle which has been used on the Universal Feed Parser, and lets you do the following: < View plain Read the rest…

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Adobe AMF Support in Zend Framework

Category: Adobe, Framework

Andi Gutmans of Zend has posted on a proposal for AMF support in the Zend Framework, which is being lead by the AMFPHP project leader, Wade Arnold. This ZF component will allow for client-side applications built with Flex and Adobe AIR to communicate easily and efficiently with PHP on the server-side. We are excited about Read the rest…

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No Browser Left Behind… without Canvas

Category: Browsers, Canvas

Vladimir Vuki?evi? normally hacks on Mozilla products, but spent a little time on an experiment with IE. An experiment that looks very exciting indeed. I love canvas, and wish that it was ubiquitous. We have great wrappers out there such as dojo.gfx, but wouldn’t it be nice if canvas worked everywhere? (and the full API Read the rest…

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Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Light-weight JSON Binding Framework

Category: JavaScript

In my other life as a desktop application developer (which due to a mix of Fluid, AIR, Prism, canvas, SVG, and Flash is threatening to converge on my Ajax life) I’ve long been a fan of data-binding frameworks that make it easy to have a form automatically synchronize with backing data structures, saving you from Read the rest…

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onJSReady Prototype Plug-in

Category: JavaScript, Prototype

In a follow-up to our post a few days ago on parallelizing JavaScript loading and firing an event when loading is done, Stefan Hayden wrote a Prototype extension (based on onDOMReady) that makes it easy for you to execute your code when all JavaScript is loaded: < View plain text > javascript Event.onJSReady(function () { Read the rest…

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Inline Script Wrapper and Dependencies

Category: jQuery, Performance

Stuart Colville has found an issue where he needed to output some JavaScript in the middle of a page, before a library that depended on it was available: The 6th Rule in Yahoo’s Performance Rules recommends placing script before the closing body tag to prevent blocking holding up the rendering of the page’s content. This Read the rest…

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4D Web 2.0 Pack

4D is a commercial company that has a high level framework that sits on top of their RDBMS technology. They have a new version that allows you to access data in many new places: iPhone, Gears, HTML 5 APIs, AIR and Flex. Check out the online demos such as a drag and drop shopping cart, Read the rest…

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Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Book review: “JavaScript: The Good Parts” by Crockford

Category: Book Reviews, Books, JavaScript

I heart David Flanagan. I’m making my way through “The Ruby Programming Language” this summer. Its exhaustiveness really satisfies. But a decade ago, my programming Bible was Flanagan’s “JavaScript: The Definitive Guide”. As I transitioned from a career in content to a career in code, “the Rhino book” taught me everything I needed to know Read the rest…

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JSON-head, it is not about size – it is about usefulness

Simon Willison is lately having a lot of fun with App Engine and developing small RESTful helper apps for the masses out there. Following JSON Time, a small timezone lookup API over HTTP (showcased at BBC’s Mashed earlier this year) he now released JSON head which is what it says on the tin: a HTTP Read the rest…

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Ajax-Alexa-Thumbnails: API to get site thumbnails

Category: Library, Yahoo!

Have you ever wanted to be able to easily grab a thumbnail image that represents a website? Eric Ferraiuolo has created Ajax-Alexa-Thumbnails on Google Code, a library that builds on YUI to do just that. The project consists of a server-side component written in PHP which makes the cross-domain request to Amazon’s Alexa Site Thumbnail Read the rest…

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3.7 rating from 33 votes Browser detection and Upgrading

Category: Browsers

Nick Stakenburg is beating the drum of getting users to upgrade their browsers, and has created Pushup is an effort to push the web forward by helping users update their outdated browsers. Give your users a better web experience today by installing Pushup on your domain! By putting the script up, users will have Read the rest…

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ProtoChart: Using Canvas to give you good looking charts

Category: Canvas, Library, Prototype

ProtoChart is a new opensource library using Prototype and Canvas to create good looking charts. Features Line, bar, pie, curve, mix, and area charts available Multiple data series on same graph Legend support Customizable grid, grid border, background Customizable axis-tick values (both x and y) Check out a live demo of ProtoChart at work.

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Monday, July 28th, 2008

Dojango: Two great tastes in one can!

Category: Dojo, Framework, Python

Dojango, a template Django application that includes full Dojo support baked in, has been released by Tobias Klipstein, Nikolai Onken, and Wolfram Kriesing. It provides capabilities to easily switch between several Dojo versions and sources (e.g. aol, google, local) Delivers helping utilities, that makes the development of rich internet applications in combination with dojo more Read the rest…

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What’s the Fastest Way to Code a Loop in JavaScript?

Category: Browsers, JavaScript, Performance

Gregory Reimer, frontend engineer for, has written a barrage of tests to answer the question What’s the Fastest Way to Code a Loop in JavaScript? specifically for large data sets: I built a loop benchmarking test suite for different ways of coding loops in JavaScript. There are a few of these out there already, Read the rest…

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