Monday, July 28th, 2008

Greg Murray, Ryan Johnson join Aptana to work on Jaxer; ORM and MVC are starter projects

Category: Aptana

Paul Colton posted that Aptana has a couple of new recruits in Greg Murray and Ryan Johnson. Greg Murray was the Ajax guy at Sun, created jMaki, and did a lot of work in organizations such as the Open Ajax Alliance. Ryan Johnson is the creator of the livepipe and object.event Ajax libraries. What are Read the rest…

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Friday, July 25th, 2008

Firebug Lite 1.2; Now with improved lite-ness

Category: Debugging, Performance

Steve Souders gave a talk at OSCON yesterday where he demonstrated the new Firebug Lite 1.2. Today Firebug Lite 1.2 was released. This new version was built by Azer Koçulu, creator of pi.debugger. Azer joined the Firebug Working Group, morphed the GUI to look Firebug, and added it to the Firebug code base. Firebug Lite Read the rest…

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HTML 5 Linking all around the horn

Category: HTML, Standards

Eric Meyer has been working on an HTML 5 linking proposal and has put together a demonstration of his proposal. His linking demo shows how you could put href=”…” on paragraphs, table rows, cells, and many other places. This demo is done with simple JavaScript for now, with the obvious hope that browsers natively support Read the rest…

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Intersections and SVG objects

Category: SVG

Kevin Lindsey has a suite of tests that show various intersection routines for SVG objects: Each link allows you to manipulate the shapes listed. All intersections between the two shapes are updated as you manipulate the shapes. Some intersections display additional information when the shapes do not intersect. As an example, the circle-circle intersection determines Read the rest…

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An Adobe evangelist gives his opinion on Silverlight

I do NOT work for Adobe. I do NOT work for Microsoft. I do not work for Borland. I do not work for Oracle. I do not work for any competing manufacturer of any kind. I am Joe Developer. In the end, it’s folks like ME that will decide which technology survives and which dies Read the rest…

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Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Open Web Foundation: David Recordon at OSCON

Category: Standards

David Recordon has just started his OSCON talk, embedded above, on supporting the Open Web. He is announcing the Open Web Foundation, a new attempt to have a place for us to incubate, license, and build community around specifications, protocols, and more. I posted about this on my blog as I am an initial member: Read the rest…

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Getting around the blocking of script

Category: JavaScript, Performance, Yahoo!

Stoyan Stefanov has a post that discusses the issues with browsers blocking on script tags. He discusses the general problem and how YUI has a helper for it by using onreadystatechange and onload: < View plain text > javascript var myHandler = {     onSuccess: function(){         alert(‘:))’);     }, Read the rest…

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Beyond REST: XMPP PubSub

Category: Editorial

Kellan from Flickr, and Evan from ENTP gave a talk at OSCON on building data services with XMPP which gave plenty of examples including notes on OAuth. We have written about Jabber in JavaScript, and as XMPP continues to grow and grow on the Web, it is good to keep up with it.

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Ext GWT Grid, Grid Plugins, and EditableGrid

Darrell Meyer has posted a preview of the Ext GWT Grid and more. Ext GWT 1.1 development is moving along nicely and includes a new Grid component. Grid is based on the Ext JS Grid and will support the same features including grid plugins, grouping, totaling, and inline editing. Grid vs. Table One if the Read the rest…

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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Embedded OpenType and the W3C

Category: Microsoft, Standards

< View plain text > css @font-face {   font-family: Cambria;   font-style: normal;   font-weight: normal;   src: url(CAMBRIA2.eot); } We discussed the new font-face / EOT work yesterday. Ben loves typography, hence him wanting to give Tahoma a rest. Then we see Microsoft weighing in on the topic, and it made me ponder Read the rest…

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Combining JavaScript and CSS for Performance

Category: Performance, Yahoo!

Tenni Theurer of Yahoo! has a new performance post, this time focused on serving files faster by combining them: One performance technique without having to simplify the page design is to combine multiple scripts into a single script, and similarly combine multiple stylesheets into a single stylesheet. Combining multiple files reduces the extra bytes from Read the rest…

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Category: Ajax, Dojo, JavaScript

We have written about using as a transport and Kris Zyp has just posted about how Dojo has created a new module. The transport is a new technique for secure cross-domain browser based data transfer, and can be utilized for creating secure mashups with untrusted sources. is implemented in Dojo in Read the rest…

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Getting to know GWT JSNI; Including talking to GWT code from JavaScript

Category: GWT, JavaScript

Bruce Johnson has written an expansive post on understanding the GWT JavaScript Native Interface (JSNI). It starts out with the piece that some people know about, namely inlining native JavaScript such as this: < View plain text > java // Java method declaration… native String flipName(String name) /*-{   // …implemented with JavaScript   var Read the rest…

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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Defining the Open Web

I heard that when asked who knew what the “Open Web” meant at a recent conference, hardly anyone put their hands up. Those that often think that they do understand it, understand it at a gut level. Brad Neuberg has been thinking about this, and wrote the following asking for our input: What the Heck Read the rest…

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Neat Firefox Video SVG Tricks

Category: Firefox

Chris Double recently announced that Firefox is edging closer to supporting the Video and Audio elements; the front-end code is checked into the trunk and the back-end video decoders are close behind. In an interesting mash-up, Chris applied his Video patches to the Rob O’Callahan Firefox branch we discussed earlier to produce some wild real-time Read the rest…

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The Fight for Fantastic Fonts (or, Let’s Give Tahoma a Rest)

Category: Browsers, Design

What’s the greater of these evils: contorting site designs around the standard Web-safe fonts, using images to render type, or relying on sIFR to render type with Flash? Who knows, but man, it sure would be nice if we could reliably use any font we wanted in our web work. And, as it turns out, Read the rest…

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