Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Pondering Support of IE6

Category: IE

If there’s a single experience that bonds all Web developers, it is the incomprehensible joy of wasting hours of our lives supporting IE6. The quasi-palindromic Dionysios Synodinos (alright, it’s pretty far from reversible, but there’s got to be a good anagram in there) over at InfoQ has put together a fun piece discussing wither IE6. Read the rest…

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Monday, July 21st, 2008

WebMonkey’s Five Best Firebug Extensions

Category: Debugging, Plugins

Adam DuVander over at WebMonkey has compiled a list of their five favorite Firebug extensions. The ever-popular YSlow tops the list, but to that they add: Firecookie for easy access to cookie information FirePHP to integrating server-provided PHP debugging information with the Firebug UI Pixel Perfect for overlaying mock-ups on top of the real thing Read the rest…

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Increase DOM Node Insertion Performance

Category: JavaScript, Performance

John Resig continues his streak of compelling blog entries with “DOM DocumentFragments” where he shows that: A method that is largely ignored in modern web development can provide some serious (2-3x) performance improvements to your DOM manipulation. The technique shown is compatible across a large swath of modern browsers, including our friend IE6. Here’s an Read the rest…

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iPhone Native Apps vs. iPhone Web Apps

Category: iPhone

John Allsop wrote a long piece over at Web Directions South with some thoughts on writing native iPhone apps versus web-based iPhone apps. The obvious flaw in his piece is that he only looked at free iPhone applications and from that subset concluded that almost everything the native apps do could be done with web Read the rest…

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jQuery: Sparklines Plug-in

Category: jQuery, Plugins

Edward Tufte has long had a following of fans in the field of information visualizations. Among his interesting taxonomy of visualization types is the “Sparkline“, which he describes as “data-intense, design-simple, word-sized graphics”. While Tufte originally suggested that computer displays are too low-resolution to effectively make use of Sparklines (vs. printed page), James Dempster pointed Read the rest…

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Friday, July 18th, 2008

Firebug to get a boost

Category: Debugging

Great news for all Web developers out there (that be you!). Firebug is going to get a shot in the arm. Joe Hewitt has had to slow down his work on the tool, and thus the Firebug Working Group was created, to try to make the tool continue to thrive. The work has been mainly Read the rest…

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Lightweight Grid Control for jQuery

Category: jQuery

Developers are always looking for a great grid control that is easy to use, customizable and, of course, feature-rich. Paulo Mariñas has created just that for jQuery developers. Flexigrid is an extremely flexible grid control with provides many of the features highly-desired by developers. These include: Resizable columns Resizable height and width Sortable column headers Read the rest…

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…. your code

With a young son, I often listen to the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” song by Jack Johnson for the Curious George movie. Edgar Hassler has taken that axiom and applied it to code. Edgar goes into a lot of detail, including the following issue that he ran into: The problem I kept having was that I Read the rest…

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Gratuitous animation at the new Borders.com

Category: Prototype, Usability

Bill Scott took a peak at the new borders.com and quickly saw an instance of the anti-pattern: Animation Gone Wild. Here it is in action: And his analysis: Instead of popping up the book, music, dvd information quickly we are required to watch the talent of the developer to sloooowly animate the box into place. Read the rest…

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Semantic Constructors

Category: Prototype, Tip

< View plain text > javascript Class.create = (function(original) {   var fn = function() {     var result = original.apply(null, arguments);     result.toString = function() { return result.prototype.initialize.toString() };     return result;   };   fn.toString = function(){ return original.toString() };   return fn; })(Class.create); This monkey patch by kangax allows Read the rest…

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Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Radiohead + Open Data = JavaScript + Canvas Visualizations of their work

Category: Showcase

I work on Google Code. Hearing that Radiohead was going to release data with progressive licensing and wanted to do so on Google Code was awesome. Now we see how cool it is that the data is open. People like Jacob Seidelin are doing interesting things with it. In this case, Jacob has created amazing Read the rest…

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Defender of the Favicon

Category: Canvas, Games

Mathieu Henri saw Scott Schiller’s generated favicons VU meter and wanted to “push the concept of generated favicons further and pack a thrilling retro shooter in 16×16 pixels using JavaScript, canvas and data: URIs.” Wow. He went and did it. The entire game runs in the favicon! DEFENDER of the favicon was done in 3 Read the rest…

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A tutorial on Prototype, Google Maps API and the HeatMapAPI

Category: Articles

Jeffrey Barke has written up a tutorial detailing how to create a density map with Prototype, the Google Maps API and the HeatMapAPI. The heat map API looks cool indeed, and that piece of code looks simple: < View plain text > javascript addHeatMap: function() { var heatMap = new GEOHeatmap(); heatMap.Init(this.width, this.height); heatMap.SetData(this.data); var Read the rest…

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IEPNGFix 2: Now supports CSS background position and repeat

Category: CSS, IE

Ah the age old IEPNGFix solution to the problem that we had with IE 5.5 / 6.0 not supporting alpha transparency. The first IEPNGFix solved the problem: This script adds near-native PNG support with alpha opacity to IE 5.5 and 6. Now you can have full translucency and no more ugly grey borders! It requires Read the rest…

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Building a better ActionScript

Category: Adobe

Colin Moock has been creating some buzz in the Flash community with his article on the charges against ActionScript 3.0: The removal of on()/onClipEvent() from Flash CS3 makes creating simple interactivity hard. Getting rid of loaded .swf files is hard. Casting DisplayObject.parent makes controlling parent movie clips hard. The removal of getURL() makes linking hard. Read the rest…

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Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Dojo Grid Widget Updated. Data Integration and Editing Improvements.

Category: Dojo

Dojo developers will be pleased to read about the recent update to the Dojo grid control. Version 1.2 of the grid control focuses primarily on improving integration with Dojo data stores, improved grid layout handling and providing advanced in-place editing capabilities. The update was fairly extensive forcing the team to rethink the design of the Read the rest…

Posted by Rey Bango at 8:00 am

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