Friday, July 11th, 2008

Verity Snob: How to be an instant Web me-2.0 developer

Category: Fun

If you have time to step away from the iPhone, have a little giggle as “Verity Snob” has a piece on How to be an instant Web me-2.0 developer that includes the documented Web version numbers: Web 1.0: Programming model equivalent to that of a slightly up-market 3270 terminal. Forms are filled in with the Read the rest…

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Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Ojay 0.2: easy keyboarding, a validation DSL, and two new UI widgets

Category: JavaScript, Yahoo!

James Coglan has updated Ojay, the chaining wrapper for YUI that we posted on a few months back. The new release features really simple keyboard and form scripting and couple of new UI widgets, a new event system and a stack of other improvements: Ojay.Forms. By far the biggest new package, Ojay.Forms sorts out a Read the rest…

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Code specialization; Namespaces again; Parasitic inheritance

Category: JavaScript

Karl Krukow has a new blog that has some interesting Ajax content. Rather than pick at one, we have a synopsis of a few of his recent posts: Manual code specialization A technique is presented (in terms of examples) which can give performance boosts in certain situations. The technique relies on higher-order functions, and sharing Read the rest…

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Reverse Autocomplete; The details matter

Category: LiveSearch

Autocomplete was one of the first Ajax patterns to come about. We often talk about how it looks, but the how it works part is what really matters. How smart is the algorithm to work out what you are completing against? How long do you go before you kick in to see a result? Does Read the rest…

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Power, Authority, and Blame

Category: Editorial, Standards

Alex Russell has another one of his insightful posts titled Power and Authority. He talks about the core tenets and then ties it to the W3C, and who we should be “blaming” for the slow upgrade of the Web, and it requires a look in the mirror: As a case study in putting your faith Read the rest…

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Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Passpack releases Host-Proof Hosting Library

Category: Library, Security

Passpack notified me about their new library to support Host-Proof Hosting (HPH) development (touched on earlier). The library allows anyone to set up HPH on their own infrastructure. It’s mostly a browser-side library powered by JQuery, focused on transferring encrypted data, and there’s also some sample server-side PHP code. I think the most important part Read the rest…

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 1:45 pm
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Extending Firebug Tutorials

Category: Debugging

Jan Odvarko, a member of the Firebug Working Group, has kicked out a set of tutorials on extending Firebug. If you have some functionality that fits into the performance world, instead of creating a new plugin, you can embrace and extend Firebug as other great tools such as YSlow have done. To learn more, read Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:43 am
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Unobtrusive DOM 2 Event implementation for IE; Uniform Event Model revisited

Category: Browsers, IE

Tavs Dokkedahl sent in a great email about work that he and Allan Jacobs have done on bringing DOM event implementations to IE. Here it is in full: About a year ago or so I put out the Uniform Event Model (UEM) script which was an implementation of the W3C DOM 2 Event Interface for Read the rest…

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Webslug: The hot or not of website performance tools

Category: Performance

Kimble Young has created Webslug, the “hot or not of website performance.” It was inspired by webwait but lets you compare the load times of sites and records every performance test for later analysis like browser used, country of origin, top competitors etc. For example, comparing reddit to Digg: It is useful to compare versions Read the rest…

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Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Spacius – Nintendo meets JavaScript – again!

Category: Games

Fellow Yahoo Matt Hackett took a leaf out of Jacob Seidelin’s book and started converting old school arcade games to JavaScript. Instead of using Canvas his only “non JavaScript” solution is playing the music with Scott Schiller’s Sound Manager (which, as we know, uses Flash under the hood). You can come down with 8 bit Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Heilmann at 4:41 pm

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Offline Access to Dojo Resources

Category: Dojo

Ever had a situation where you’ve desperately needed to get API information for your favorite toolkit only to find that the site is offline for some reason? The Dojo Toolbox aims to tackle this through the use of Adobe’s AIR runtime. Built using the Dojo framework, the Dojo Toolbox allows for offline viewing of Dojo’s Read the rest…

Posted by Rey Bango at 8:44 am

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Ext GWT 1.0: GWT 1.5 support, new APIs, performance, and docs

Category: GWT, Sencha

Darrell Meyer has announced Ext GWT 1.0. This is the first fully stable release of the product and it includes a lot of goodies including: Documentation: new screencasts of the various steps GWT 1.5 support: “Ext GWT is a 100% native GWT application written in Java. Ext GWT does not wrap any 3rd party JavaScript Read the rest…

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Legitimizing Comet with HTML 5 WebSocket

Category: Comet

< View plain text > javascript var conn = new WebSocket("ws://");   conn.onopen = function(evt) { alert("Conn opened"); } conn.onread = function(evt) { alert("Read: " +; } conn.onclose = function(evt) { alert("Conn closed"); }   conn.send("Hello World") What if that code was part of an HTML standard? Would that make you feel better about Read the rest…

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The Pencil Project

Category: Firefox, Showcase

José Jeria pointed us to a great looking XUL application that allows you to sketch GUI’s and then export them to PNG: With the power of the underlying Mozilla Gecko engine, Pencil turns your excellent Firefox 3 browser into a sketching tool with just a 400-kilobyte installation package. Pencil will always be free and can Read the rest…

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JavaScript, Rebranded….. Check.

Category: Editorial

Michael Mahemoff has a nice little post on the rebranding of JavaScript. It kicked off when he was listening to Steve Yegge on rebranding: He talks about how languages are branded, e.g. “Java” is enterprise. One of his main points is that brands are “const identifiers”, i.e. it takes an entire generation to change brand Read the rest…

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Monday, July 7th, 2008

LLVM and running C as well as Python in the browser

Category: JavaScript, Python

Dan Morrill doesn’t like JavaScript 2. His reasoning is a little like the folks who don’t want Java.Next to try to copy features from every other language, but to just be the best static language, and let other languages like Scala, Groovy, JRuby (and the hundreds of others like Fan) go in different directions on Read the rest…

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