Monday, July 7th, 2008

W3C Event Debugging; Gears and AIR, not versus; Host-Proof Hosting library

Category: Editorial

A couple of posts from my personal land that are related to the Ajax world: First up, I am building an application that uses some canvas and ran into an issue handling events which sent me down a merry path that took me through: initMouseEvent, error fun (Component returned failure code: 0×80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsIDOMEventTarget.dispatchEvent…..] ), Read the rest…

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Exploring GWT Linkers

Category: GWT

Alex Moffat has written up an exploration of GWT linkers. It looks at the linking part of the GWT compilation step using as an example a linker that creates a sort of manifest for the JavaScript files created by compilation so that you can easily tell which file goes with which browser/locale/etc. combination. In GWT Read the rest…

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SoundManager 2 Update: Flash 9 and Chorus effects

Category: Sound

Scott has updated SoundManager2 with some nice new features. The biggest is the update to support Flash 9, which brings with it: multiShot properly allows play() to be called multiple times on a sound object, creating desired “chorus” effect. Will call onfinish() multiple times, but whileplaying() etc. are called only for the first “play instance” Read the rest…

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Friday, July 4th, 2008

qUIpt: caching JS in

Category: Performance

Mario Heiderich has released qUIpt, a library that uses the property to store away useful data, in this case JavaScript. How does it work? It checks for the contents of while your page is being loaded. If there’s nothing inside the cache the JS files defined by you are fetched via XHR Read the rest…

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Microsoft ASP.NET Ajax Road Map

Category: Microsoft

Microsoft has come out with a road map for the Ajax side of ASP.NET, which has been simplified to be just: Framework and tools in one versioned package; Ajax components will be released separately on Codeplex. There is a bold goal at the beginning of the document (why is the doc a PDF/.doc and not Read the rest…

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Talking to .NET on the server with Jaxer

Category: .NET, Aptana

What does your CEO do? Paul Colton, CEO of Aptana, gets his fingers dirty. He just wrote a post about accessing COM objects from JavaScript with Jaxer. This is possible as the JavaScript is running on the server, and this server is running on Windows. You can download the source code to check it all Read the rest…

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Evil GIFs: Hiding Java in your image

Category: Security

What if you could encode a Jar file as an image and trick the browser to run it? This is what Ben Lorica reported from a black hat briefing webinar: During a recent webinar to promote the upcoming Black Hat briefings in Las Vegas, a group of hackers announced the creation of a hybrid file Read the rest…

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Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

IE8 showing how serious it is about security

Category: IE, Security

The IE8 team has created a blitz on its blog with a slew of posts on security. There is a ton of great stuff here, and is well worth going into detail on each post: IE8 and Trustworthy Browsing At first they set the scene: This blog post frames our approach in IE8 for delivering Read the rest…

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ratproxy: Rat out those security issues in your Web app

Category: Security

Michal Zalewski, of Google, has released ratproxy, a tool to test your Web application against attacks such as XSS and XSRF: Ratproxy is a semi-automated, largely passive web application security audit tool. It is meant to complement active crawlers and manual proxies more commonly used for this task, and is optimized specifically for an accurate Read the rest…

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OpenLaszlo 4.1: DHTML ready for primetime

Category: Adobe, Ajax

OpenLaszlo is a fascinating project, and got even more interesting when they went meta, and allowed you to general Ajax applications as well as SWF ones. The 4.1 release is a big one, as it brings full parity to the Ajax side of the house: OpenLaszlo 4.1 is a major release bringing full support for Read the rest…

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JavaScript Plugins; The beauty of loosely coupled code

Category: JavaScript

James Coglan wrote a piece on There is no such thing as a JavaScript plugin that uses jQuery as a use case for how simple it is to have a plugin contract. When you think about plugins in many environments, you have strict contracts through interfaces that you have to implement. With jQuery, you can Read the rest…

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Shrinking frameworks; Dojo in 6k

Category: Dojo

Dojo is a framework that you can bend for your needs. You have very fine grained control on what you want in your base dojo.js, how other components are loaded, and a final custom JavaScript file. Brad Neuberg showed a project, SearchTools, that added local search via Gears, and had a custom Dojo that wasn’t Read the rest…

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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

eval(’foo=a’, obj.fn); How you will be private in Firefox 3.1

Category: Firefox, JavaScript

Peter realized that the eval(string, scope) support in Firefox meant that the private pattern could be gotten around and developers came out saying “doh!” Mozilla was quick on the case, and Firefox has taken out support which we should see in Firefox 3.1. What is interesting is John’s look at what happened. He points to Read the rest…

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Starfield Sim Picasa Gallery with Prototype

Category: Prototype, UI

Asad Sheth has been playing with a Starfield Sim Picasa Gallery using Prototype. He said: I think it’s an interesting way to think about temporally organized data (I could see RSS feeds navigated through some similar mechanism, with the z-axis being time and the x- and y-axes being some kind of similarity measure), and further Read the rest…

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Loom: Annotation based Java framework

Category: Framework, Java

Ignacio Coloma has announced Loom 1.0 RC 1. Loom is an annotation-based java web framework that includes a ton of new features in this release. After some selective process, these are the bits that could be of most interest for Ajax developers: Generates HTML 5 markup (with data-* fields), including CSS classes with the property Read the rest…

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Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

State of Ajax for June 2008: Apple flexes Open Web muscles

Category: Roundup

June was a great month for the Open Web. First, Apple delivered a one-two punch with showing Mobile Me, powered by the native Web and SproutCore, and showing SquirrelFish as JavaScript starts to get a loooot faster on browsers. Firefox had a party as millions of people downloaded Firefox 3 final release, and immediately talked Read the rest…

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