Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

SEO and RIA get closer together with Flash indexing news

Category: Adobe, Google

Google and Adobe have been working on improving the indexing of Flash applications. In the past we could simply look at the SWF files and try to grab strings out of them, but there was zero context. To go further Google uses the SWF Searchable work from Adobe to be more of a ‘human’ actor Read the rest…

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Infinite Web 2.0 Image with GWT

Didier Girard pinged us about Farbtube: This Web 2.0 / GWT example allows to draw on an infinite canvas and to see others changes immediately. It works like Google Maps: Use the “Move” cursor to walk around the canvas Time for graffiti.

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TCPSocket: Sockets in the browser

Category: Comet

Michael Carter of Orbited has written about how he now likes to call Comet sockets in the browser, and has an implementation available that looks like this: < View plain text > javascript var conn = new TCPSocket(hostname, port)   conn.onopen = function() { alert(‘connection opened!’) } conn.onread = function(data) { alert(‘RECEIVE: ‘ + data) Read the rest…

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MooWheel and MooCirclePack for visualizations

Category: JavaScript, MooTools

MooWheel, the JavaScript connections visualization library, has been updated to version 0.2. Updates include: New data format Text can now be hovered over, in addition to the dot Images can be added for each item You can see the popular Twitter example (thanks to Augsto Becciu, creator of TweetWheel). Also, MooCirclePack has just been released: Read the rest…

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