Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Ajax Head Pattern; Unobtrusive Rails Apps

Category: Rails

Ken Collins has rewritten his Homemarks application, a Rails app that “allows you to dynamically create and sort Columns, Boxes, and Bookmarks into your own custom start page.” What is interesting about the rewrite is the new approach that Ken took; the Ajax Head Pattern as he described it: HomeMarks was built using the Ruby Read the rest…

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querySelectorAll is coming fast

Category: Browsers, CSS

We have all been talking about querySelectAll for awhile, but John Resig gives us a wrap-up that covers the state of play. He talks about the browsers, and the libraries that wrap them and clean up shop via code like: < View plain text > javascript function querySelectorAll(selector){   try {     return Read the rest…

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Chain.js: jQuery Data Binding Service

Category: jQuery

Rizqi Ahmad has created a data binding service for jQuery called Chain.js. A simple example shows you where to start. When given HTML like: < View plain text > HTML <div id="quickdemo">     <div class="item"><span class="library">Library Name</span></div> </div> The following JavaScript will add data as items to the list: < View plain text > Read the rest…

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Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Making creating DOM-based applications less of a hassle

Category: Framework, JavaScript, Library

Creating a lot of HTML using DOM methods can be a real pain. This is what students of the Juku training course that I held two weeks ago found out quite quickly and complained about the verbosity of it all. I listened to their concerns and came up with a framework for JavaScript applications called Read the rest…

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The lessons of CSS frameworks

Category: CSS

Jeremy Keith has been doing a great job blogging An Event Apart, and his writeup of The Lessons of CSS Frameworks by Eric Meyer caught my eye. Eric took a look at the most popular CSS frameworks (960, Blueprint, Content With Style, That Standards Guy, YAML, YUI, Elements, Tripoli, WYMStyle) and talks about choosing one… Read the rest…

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Running server side processes via JavaScript with Jaxer

Category: Aptana, JavaScript, Server

Tom Kirkpatrick has written about a new API in Jaxer, Jaxer.Process, that allows you to call out to the host operating system. His example has a call out to get the uptime on the machine: < View plain text > javascript <script runat="server-proxy"> function runUptime() {       // run the uptime and return Read the rest…

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WaveMaker 4: Point and Click Ajax

Category: Dojo, Utility

WaveMaker Studio 4.0 the Ajax based visual development platform for creating web applications has been released. Version 4.0 includes a new look and feel, usability improvements, and a host of new features. Building applications has been made easier by a syntax highlighting code editor, improved widget drag and drop, undo, simplified data binding, more flexible Read the rest…

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Ra Ajax: Ajax for .NET

Category: .NET

Thomas Hansen is a vocal member of the community, and worked on Gaia Widgets in the past. Now he has moved on to create his own opensource library Ra Ajax, an Ajax library for .NET. (He has posted the bloody details of how he “left”). He is experimenting, and writing up a series of “how Read the rest…

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Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Reading ID3 tags with JavaScript

Category: Examples, JavaScript, Library

Jacob Seidelin is up to more tricks, this time playing with the binary side of life and writing a library that can reading ID3 tags from MP3 files and such. < View plain text > javascript // URL of the mp3 file (must be on the same domain!) var file = "mymusicfile.mp3";   // define Read the rest…

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Ajaxian Featured Tutorial: Show/Hide Login Panel Built with MooTools

Category: MooTools, Tutorial

Conserving screen real-estate while still providing good content to the user has always been a challenge for designers and developers and while larger screen dimensions are becoming more prominent, it’s still important to take full advantage of the space available to you. Jeeremie over at Web Kreation came up with a very cool method of Read the rest…

Posted by Rey Bango at 10:27 am

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Getting method_missing, or _noSuchMethod into Harmony

Category: JavaScript

Yehuda Katz saw the Harmony news, and wondered if there was a change to get _noSuchMethod, which currently works in implementations such as SpiderMonkey, into the new JavaScript world of: Harmony = ES3.1++. In summary, it seems that the two groups agreed to focus cooperative effort of ECMAScript 3.1, a modest improvement of the current Read the rest…

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SmartGWT: LGPL GWT wrapper on SmartClient

Category: GWT

Sanjiv Jivan, original creator of GWT-Ext, posted on SmartGWT, a new wrapper on top of SmartClient. Charles Kendrick of Isomorphic, creator of SmartClient, announced the new project as well as the approach they have taken: we’ve taken an approach of generating GWT code from SmartClient’s documentation, combined with hand-coding portions that can’t feasibly be generated. Read the rest…

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ECMA What? Harmony Who? TC39? Tamarin? JavaScript!

Category: JavaScript

Alex Russell has seen the confusion of the many names that were bandied around with the Harmony news last week. There are so many names, that involve specs, projects, and general technical jargon that it can get a little confusing. Alex has made it very clear: ECMAScript 3 Aka: JavaScript, ES3, ECMAScript 262-3, and JScript. Read the rest…

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Monday, August 18th, 2008

Transformie: Implement WebKit CSS transforms in IE

Category: CSS, IE, jQuery

Paul Bakaus, or jQuery UI fame, has created a nice little hack to implement WebKit CSS transforms in IE When you include the library, it can scan for your -webkit-transform-* transforms (soon to support the standard transform-*) and will go to work for you using a couple of nifty technologies all put together: IE Filters Read the rest…

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Nice new Dojo aggregate effects

Category: Dojo, UI

Dojo has some nice new compound effects in the works. Some of the new effects include block fades, disintergrate, explode, shear, and pinwheel. Each effect can be tweaked with config such as: The number of rows and columns in which to split the element The distance the pieces travel (as a multiple of the element’s Read the rest…

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A simple solution to the “other” problem with select boxes

Category: Examples, JavaScript, jQuery, Tip

Jeffrey Olchovy has posted a simple tutorial on using jQuery to solve a “select-to-input toggle” that shows and hides a text field when you select “Other”. It overloads the same form name, so the server side gets just one value, and doesn’t know or care if it was in the drop down or typed in. Read the rest…

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