Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

mtjs_iepnghandler: more PNG support for IE 6

Category: IE

Micah Tischler wasn’t happy with the variety of approaches for allowing transparent PNG support in IE 6, so he continued his work with mtjs_iepnghandler which intelligently provides true background repeat functionality for transparent PNGs as well as full positioning. In this script image tags are supported, both with and without a blank spacer GIF, and Read the rest…

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img2json: get your image metadata via App Engine

The tradition of placing small, useful services on App Engine continues. This time, Adam Burmister has created img2json, a Google AppEngine service that extracts metadata from image URLs. The metadata can be as simple as width, height, mime type, file size, but it also extract EXIF metadata (camera make, manufacturer, GPS positioning, orientation, etc). To Read the rest…

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Monday, August 11th, 2008

button versus input[type=”submit”] in IE and beyond

Drew McLellan has written a post on Coping With Internet Explorer’s Mishandling of Buttons which delves into browser differences with respect to <button> versus <input type=”submit” …> First, buttons themselves: One of the more exasperating quirks of Internet Explorer is the way it mishandles BUTTON elements. If you’re not all that familiar with HTML buttons Read the rest…

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MockMe: A new JavaScript mocking framework

Category: JavaScript, Testing

Johannes Link is an Agile fellow who wasn’t 100% happy with the existing JavaScript unit test frameworks, and he explained why. He gives an example: < View plain text > javascript testDoubleSpeaker: function() { with(this) {     var actualMsg = null;     var mockSay = function(msg) {       actualMsg = msg; Read the rest…

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Conditional-CSS: Inline browser specific CSS

Category: CSS

Allan Jardine has created Conditional-CSS, a tool that allows a style sheet author to place IE style conditional statements inline with CSS to target multiple different browsers. Expanding the IE conditional statement syntax we get: < View plain text > css [if {!} browser]     or    [if {!} browser version]     or Read the rest…

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Do you want some Ogg in your <video> or <audio>?

Codecs. Codecs. Codecs. Having <video> and <audio> tags in HTML 5 is great and all, but what formats can be played? If you want something that everyone could play (everyone == not just people who pay the MPEG licenses) what do you have left? Ogg? Some argue about the quality of Ogg, and others play Read the rest…

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Sunday, August 10th, 2008

On Fighting the Web; The invitation

Category: Editorial

But fighting the web is like holding back the ocean; it will route around you or it will wear you down, but will never go away, and it will never tire or give up. Yet in spite of the futility of fighting the web, Silverlight is being positioned in opposition to the web, not in Read the rest…

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Friday, August 8th, 2008

Open Web Podcast Episode 1: HTML 5 news, Web Workers, W3C Selectors, and Dojo happenings

Category: OpenWebPodcast, Podcasts

Welcome to the inaugural episode of a new podcast to cover news, happenings, and our opinions on the Open Web (download the Open Web Podcast episode one directly or subscribe to it, including via iTunes). When I say “our” I am talking about the founding podcasters: Alex Russell, John Resig, and myself. It is a Read the rest…

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Firebug Working Group Meetup

Category: Debugging

Steve Souders hosted the Firebug Working Group meeting at Google last week, and after seeing how detailed his notes are I wish I could hire him as my personal assistant ;) Highlights Firebug 1.2 is nearing final beta. After testing it’ll be promoted to stable. The main focus for the next release is going to Read the rest…

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Raphaël: Simple graphics wrapper on top of SVG and VML

Category: SVG

Dmitry Baranovskiy of Atlassian has created Raphaël “a small JavaScript library that should simplify your work with vector graphics on the web. In case you want to create your own specific chart or image crop-n-rotate widget, you can simply achieve it with this library.” Raphaël uses SVG and VML as a base for graphics creation. Read the rest…

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JSBridge: Powering Mozilla with Python

Category: Python

JSBridge is an incredibly alpha, but interesting new project, lead by Mikeal Rogers, that bridges Python and JavaScript with respect to Mozilla. It uses mozrunner, the Python library that can power Mozilla applications (e.g. Firefox). Once you fire up jsbridge MozRepl will kick into gear, and you will be able to interact across the bridge. Read the rest…

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Tombs of Asciiroth: GWT, Gears, and AIR enabled RPG Game

Category: Adobe, Games, Gears

Alx Dark has created The Tombs of Asciiroth a fully functional roguelike-meets-puzzle-arcade game. Asciiroth is a a complete, functional, open source game, written using GWT, and distributed either as an Adobe AIR application, or as a game you can play over the web. In the latter case, it uses Gears to provide saved game support. Read the rest…

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Thursday, August 7th, 2008

This Week in HTML 5: Mark Pilgrim’s new blog series

Category: HTML

I am really jazzed about the first entry in a new series on HTML 5. Mark Pilgrim (of Python, Greasemonkey, Open Web, writer extraordinaire, and creator of Google Doctype) has started the series This Week in HTML 5 which aims to keep us up to speed on the spec, and progress across the board (what Read the rest…

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AIRing out your Lingerie; Running applications for the articles

Category: Adobe

I was wary about posting on this one, as it does involve scantily clad women. If that offends you, skip now, and please accept my apologies, and I know that this probably fits better for a Friday Fun posting, but let’s get to it: Ok, so when I was on the Adobe AIR tour, some Read the rest…

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CSS variables considered harmful?

Category: CSS, Standards, W3C

Bert Bos, a W3C fellow, thinks that CSS variables are to be considered harmful: Adding any form of macros or additional scopes and indirections, including symbolic constants, is not just redundant, but changes CSS in ways that make it unsuitable for its intended audience. Given that there is currently no alternative to CSS, these things Read the rest…

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Enjoying the Observer pattern with custom events

Category: JavaScript

I created an introductory example discussing custom events as an implementation of the Observer pattern. I posted this on my personal blog first and quickly got a port from my Prototype version to Malte’s jQuery port (and now we have a DOMAssistant and Appcelerator versions). I hope others keep them coming so we can aggregate Read the rest…

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