Thursday, September 25th, 2008

input type=camera to give us a simple way to integrate to Webcams

Category: Browsers, Component, Firefox, HTML, Mozilla

There are a substantial number of iPhone apps that tie into the builtin native components such as the camera. Brad Lassey has been hacking on Fennec (the Mozilla mobile browser) as well as Firefox itself to integrate with camera phones and Webcams alike: I wrapped a video tag, image and a few buttons in xbl Read the rest…

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Pi.js: Simple JavaScript Library

Category: JavaScript, Library

Azer Koculu has released his Pi.js framework, which is a lightweight system that includes a minimal set of modules, and the ability to use and provide plugins. By default you get: pi.env: browser detection pi.get: DOM access pi.util: Extensions to JavaScript (e.g. support currying, includes, viewport config, and more) pi.base: OO subsystem pi.element: Create and Read the rest…

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HTML Whitelist: Sanitize your markup

Category: HTML, Security

HTML Whitelist is the latest in the “cool little Python Web service thrown up on App Engine” by my good colleague DeWitt Clinton. It does one thing, and it does it well. You can pass the service HTML and it will return a sanitized version. For example: < View plain text > HTML // original Read the rest…

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Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Ex DOM Storage gives us hope for IE 6+

Category: Browsers, IE

Toru Yamaguchi has built a very cool shim, ExDOMStorage, which implements the HTML 5 DOM Storage API for IE 6 and 7. It does so by strapping in the functionality via an HTC behaviour: < View plain text > javascript (function() {    if (window["localStorage"] && window["sessionStorage"])      return;      with({ nodeSet: document.getElementsByTagName("script"), Read the rest…

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OfflineRest: One pattern for offline architecture

Category: Dojo, Offline

Kris Zyp has created OfflineRest, a new module in Dojo 1.2 that allows for a simple offline pattern to building your application. Dojo 1.2’s new dojox.rpc.OfflineRest module automates the local storage of data and synchronization by leveraging the Dojo Data and REST abstractions. The OfflineRest module augments the JsonRest service in Dojo such that requests Read the rest…

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Detailed JavaScript and Processing.js from John Resig

Category: Canvas, Presentation

John Resig has given some great talks recently, and just posted about some of them. First, we have his interactive learning area where the presentation is just a JavaScript application that you can play with. Double click on the code, make a change, and save away! The talk goes into the innards of the language Read the rest…

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Ext JS Key mapping; Keyboard handling as a first class citizen

Category: Sencha, Usability

I am a strong believe in making the keyboard a first class citizen for your applications, including on the Web. Thus, I was interested to read how Ext JS has keyboard handling that ties into the entire system: Ext.KeyMap Ext provides several components that support keyboard navigation out of the box such as GridPanel, ComboBox, Read the rest…

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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

BrowserHawk Lives!

Category: JavaScript

Many years ago I stumbled across the original BrowserHawk. Back then, it was primarily a way to feed information about a client’s web browser to a server-side web framework. I was impressed at the time with its ability to detect display resolution, color depth, and a variety of other data not available via HTTP headers. Read the rest…

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Invaders from Mars: Building a JavaScript Game

Category: Games, JavaScript

As a follow-up to our recent posting of a JavaScript Pac-Man clone, we bring you a JavaScript Space Invaders clone: Invaders from Mars. Only this time, in addition to a link to the game itself, we’ve got a link to the author’s blog (one Mark Wilcox) in which he goes into detail on the various Read the rest…

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New Sessions at the Ajax Experience

Category: The Ajax Experience

The Ajax Experience is coming up in a week and I wanted to share some exciting last minute developments: 1. Google Chrome. Google’s Ojan Vafai will be giving a keynote on their new browser. Obviously, this should be interesting. :-) 2. Opera. We’ve been trying to get them at the show from the beginning. Opera’s Read the rest…

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Audible Ajax Episode 30: Interview with Kris Zyp

Category: Podcasts

Dealing with data is one of those areas of software development that we haven’t quite gotten right yet; anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something (or has developed an open-source framework). Whether you embed SQL in your code, map objects to data via some kind of tool, mash it all up LINQ-style, or go Read the rest…

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Sphere: Spherical effect via canvas

Category: Canvas

Christian “Mr. Canvas Effects” Effenberger has shared Sphere.js another effect that allows you to add a spherical picture effect (including background gradient) to images on your web pages. This joins the many other effects such as Slided and Filmed. As always, you can add these effects with simple CSS classes on the images.

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Monday, September 22nd, 2008

PhoneGap: “AIR for the iPhone”

Category: iPhone

Dave Johnson calls PhoneGap “AIR for the iPhone” because this nice little hack, first created at an iPhone BarCamp, wraps the Web view with a container. This container gives the view access to APIs available on the device, that may not be available yet via WebKit alone. AIR provides a similar container for Flash and Read the rest…

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OtherInbox showcases SproutCore again

Category: Showcase

SproutCore jumped onto the scene when MobileMe launched to much acclaim on the visual side (even if the back end couldn’t handle the load). It doesn’t seem to be a one-hit wonder, especially in the field of e-mail. OtherInbox “provides consumers with a free email account that automatically organizes newsletters, social networking updates, coupons and Read the rest…

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PURE JavaScript Template Library Improves

Category: JavaScript

PURE, the JavaScript template engine, has had a major new release which includes: Auto-rendering: a new PURE method takes your HTML and your JSON data and merges them automatically. The class attribute is used to map the HTML and the data. (Read more about autoRender and its jQuery version on our Wiki). Recursive Template Call Read the rest…

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What if we didn’t lump all “accessibility” requirements together?

Category: Accessibility, Editorial

Joe Walker was thinking about accessibility and wrote about a thought experiment that he had where he ponders ‘What if we didn’t lump all “accessibility” requirements together?’ What if, instead, apps are written for one audience. What could you do differently for different use cases? Designing for Screen Readers So you want to create a Read the rest…

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