Friday, October 31st, 2008

Aptana Jaxer 1.0 released, brings together the Aptana trinity

Category: Aptana

Paul Colton of Aptana has announced the Jaxer 1.0 release. This comes on the heels of the general availability of Aptana Cloud, and of course their Studio product that ties things together. First, Jaxer 1.0: If you’ve already been using Jaxer you’re likely familiar with its database, file system and socket APIs and its ability Read the rest…

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JSSpeccy: A ZX Spectrum Emulator in JavaScript

Category: Canvas, Fun

[via Simon Willison] A little bit of Friday JavaScript-craziness for you. Matt Wescott has created a ZX Spectrum emulator in JavaScript. The Sinclair ZX Spectrum was an old-skool PC from the 80s. Details: Readme file Run JSSpeccy online (includes 10 classic games!) Download JSSpeccy (644Kb) JSSpeccy Subversion repository I especially like how Matt describes himself: Read the rest…

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Kaazing Gateway: HTML 5 WebSock Server Released

Category: Comet, HTML

Kaazing has released Kaazing Gateway, an open source HTML 5 WebSocket Server. The HTML 5 WebSocket specification is a standard that attempts to simplify much of the complexity around achieving bi-directional communications between browsers and servers. The specification provides a simple JavaScript interface that enables developers to open a full-duplex socket connection and connect directly Read the rest…

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Attack Ad Generator

Category: Fun

Would could be more perfect for a Friday before the election than an attack ad generator, written using jQuery, jQuery UI, and YUI base line CSS resets. This is really nicely done, including great tools such as speech integration.

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Thursday, October 30th, 2008

The Ajax Revolution: From UI responsiveness to functionality and beyond

Category: Ajax, Editorial

This comes as part of the from my personal blog series… In recent presentations, Ben and I have been taking a look back on the rise of Ajax (where Ajax == popularity of dhtml :). At its core, I think it all comes down to UI responsiveness. When you look at the killer apps such Read the rest…

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Debunking Dojo Myths

Category: Dojo

With the rich JavaScript library ecosystem, it can be extremely difficult to make informed decisions when choosing which libraries to use for your own projects. Because no one has time to analyze each library in detail themselves, such decisions are usually made by getting a feel for what the “street” thinks and making the safe Read the rest…

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 6:00 am

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Widgetplus: Server side Ajax widgets

Category: Framework, JavaScript

Mikael Bergkvist has created Widgetplus, a gadget platform. He told us about it. XML Runtime The structure of an application is defined in XML. It’s loaded into the serverside runtime like this:‘ ‘); We get this as a result. (the ‘test this’ link) Changes to the app remain persistent because on the server, Read the rest…

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Language JSONP Service

Category: JSON

Ben Lisbakken, an ex-colleague from Google and all round good guy, has created a simple JSONP service (in the vein of json-time and html-whitelist) that calculates the users language based on browser headers: This will return something like: setLanguage({“languages”: [‘en-us’, ‘en’]}); Ben created a nice little sample that shows you content in the language Read the rest…

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Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Web Sockets, Comet, and a Panel

Category: Comet

Comet is starting to gain steam, although mainly through the term “real-time Web.” A couple of the Comet folks posted at the same time, both talking about the technology in different ways. Ted Goddard answered a bunch of questions in WebSocket is neither Web nor Socket. Does WebSocket use TCP ports 81 and 815? How Read the rest…

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MooTools Round-up: Call for Plug-ins, Testing Framework, and “Clientcide”

Category: MooTools

Aaron Newton wrote in with a few interesting news items related to the MooTools community. Clientcide Testing Framework First, on the new stand-alone site (formerly recently released the Clientcide Test Framework (aka the MooTools Unit Test Framework): MooTools ships with a version of JSSpec ( and a series of Specs tests. This test Read the rest…

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 10:13 am

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Yahoo! BrowserPlus Released

Category: Browsers, Yahoo!

Yahoo! has had a big day with a lot of Open platform releases (OpenSocial, YAP, etc) and to add to that they have released Yahoo! BrowserPlus version 2.1.6, which is important as it opens up the BrowserPlus platform for anyone to use. It features: Google Chrome and IE 6 support Smaller 2mb installation End user Read the rest…

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Chrom(e|ium) Details: I/O, Responsiveness, UI, and Graphics

Category: Chrome, Google

The Google folks have been doing a really good at consistently blogged about the decisions that were made as they created Chrome: Graphics in Google Chrome Google Chrome uses a library called Skia, which is also the graphics engine behind Google’s Android mobile OS. The two projects share code that implements WebKit’s porting API in Read the rest…

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Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

How to structure your JavaScript code

Category: JavaScript, Library

Peter Michaux has shared how he structures his code these days, as he has settled on a pattern: The code example below is a simple little logger widget. It appends messages to a list and has a clear link to delete all the recorded messages. < View plain text > javascript // Wrap code with Read the rest…

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GameJS: Canvas Game Library

Category: Canvas, Games

Tommy Maintz has created a fun project called GameJS a 2d game development framework using JavaScript and Canvas. The API GameJS.framework.Game – This is the main game class you extend when creating the game. It has the following methods which you have to override: initialize, loadContent, update and draw. This is all very similar to Read the rest…

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A Patent On…. The SCRIPT tag

I just stumbled across an interesting/scary patent (via JSONet). It looks like someone has tried to patent using the SCRIPT tag to invoke web services: The present invention permits a JavaScript-based Remote Procedure Call (RPC) to be executed from a Web page displayed in a Web browser window, without utilizing browser plug-in, Java Applet, or Read the rest…

Posted by Brad Neuberg at 7:00 am

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Delaying JavaScript Execution

Category: JavaScript, Performance

Matt has a nice post on delaying JavaScript execution in a way that waits for certain events to finish: If you’re looking to execute javascript code whenever someone finishes (or stops temporary) scrolling, moving the mouse, or resizing the page, you may find the following segment of code useful. He shares the following boilerplate code: Read the rest…

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