Friday, October 17th, 2008

Java Plugin 6 Update 10 Production Release

Category: Java

It really is plugin week isn’t it. We had Flash and Silverlight, so it was time for Java to pop its head up from the shadows, and that is what happened with the production release of Java 6 Update 10. It has to be one of the worst version names, but a solid plugin release Read the rest…

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Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Another look at JavaScript inheritance

Category: JavaScript

Stoyan Stefanov of Yahoo! has published a nice article on JavaScript’s class-less objects. This is published on JavaRanch, so it talks to the Java community, and uses that lense to explain the differences. He delves into: Constructor functions Function objects and prototype property Inheritance via the prototype Inheritance by copying properties Crockford’s beget object: < Read the rest…

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Jack: Mocking JavaScript the good way

Category: Testing

Jack is a new JavaScript mocking framework coming out of Bekk in Norway. A lot of the RSpec talent is there too, so they know their testing! Jack features: Set expectations for number of calls and argument constraints Specify mock implementations for specific expectation scenarios Create mock objects with a list of stub functions Reports Read the rest…

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Google Chrome History Issue

Category: Browsers, Google

Amongst the reactions to Google’s release of Chrome was the developer’s howl of pain at the thought of another major browser on which to do compatibility testing. Google’s generally asserts that Safari compatibility results should be the same as Chrome’s, but Nathan Hammond stumbled across a divergence that he finds troubling and which Google shows Read the rest…

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OSGI and JavaScript; Frameworks and building blocks for Ajax apps

Category: Dojo

Bill Higgins of IBM Rational has written up some thoughts on componentization and packaging for Ajax applications based on work that his team did on the Rational Jazz platform. Some of what he built was: A nice component model based on OSGi bundles and the Dojo module system Request-time “building” of many fine-grained JavaScript files Read the rest…

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Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

FancyUpload for Flash 10 to fix your uploader

Category: Adobe

This is the week of the plugin. First we had the launch of Silverlight 2, and then, quickly on the back of that we get Adobe Flash 10 at the same time as the entire Creative Suite 4 (which has great Flash authoring tools of course). One of the security features in Flash 10 is Read the rest…

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Say Goodbye to alert()

Category: JavaScript

Blackbird, G. Scott Olson’s JavaScript logging library, truly has a catchy slogan. The slogan “Say hello to Blackbird and ‘goodbye’ to alert()” definitely captures what the Blackbird library aims to do; make logging messages in JavaScript extremely easy. And setup is very easy. By incorporating the following lines of code, you’ve now added the ability Read the rest…

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Non-Euclidean Browser UI

Category: Browsers, UI

The video above by Ron Brinkmann is his mockup of a non-euclidean browser UI which looks a touch like the magnifying glass tool on the iPhone, and aims to give you your data in a readable way, while still showing the larger context: The reason why I think an interface like this can be superior Read the rest…

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Using JavaScript to make things work

Category: JavaScript, jQuery

An interesting top 12 list has been published, on using Javascript to fix 12 common browser headaches: Setting Equal Heights (jQuery example: $(“#col1, #col2”).equalizeCols();) IE6 PNG Alpha Transperancy support Changing CSS Classes in JavaScript Browser selectors in CSS ($(‘html’).addClass($.browser);) min-/max- height & width support Center Elements Vertically / Horizontally Display Q tags in Internet Explorer Read the rest…

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Firefox 3.1 beta: Geolocation, @font-face, Video and Audio, XHR++, and TraceMonkey

Category: Browsers, Firefox

Isn’t it great that a browser point release these days adds so many features? We are starting to see this from Firefox, Opera, WebKit and others, and it is exciting! The Firefox 3.1 beta 1 release has a slew of features that developers have been craving: Geolocation The labs team got Geode out there, and Read the rest…

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Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Open Web Podcast – Episode 5: Ryan Stewart of Adobe

Category: Adobe, OpenWebPodcast

Ryan Stewart of Adobe joined us for episode 5 of the Open Web Podcast. We really want to be pragmatic Open Web citizens, so thought it would be good to hear from Ryan and get his point of view on what Adobe, and he, are thinking with respect to the Web as a-whole. You can Read the rest…

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Runtime Page Optimizer: Fix performance on the fly

Category: Performance

Steve Souders posted on Runtime Page Optimizer a tool that you can think of as a performance proxy. It sits on the server side, and cleans up content before it is sent back to the browser. What can it do? Steve let us know: RPO automatically implements many of the best practices from my book Read the rest…

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Bacon – a sizzling new YUI utility

Beware of what you ask for. After Stephen Woods asked on Twitter why there are just no Bacon utilities in the browser Dav Glass of the YUI team went right to it and created YUI Bacon. YUI bacon is now the only JS solution to fry any HTML element with a few lines of code: Read the rest…

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Dojo 1.2: Squeezing it into 5.5kb

Category: Dojo

James Burke gave a great presentation in Boston on the Dojo build system, and how he is able to get the core down to 5.5k. With Dojo 1.2, the build system can generate a 5.5KB gzipped (13KB ungzipped) dojo.js file, via the customBase layer option. Useful for iPhone development if you want to get under Read the rest…

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MozAfterPaint: Being able to get a callback event on repaint

Category: Firefox, Mozilla

John Resig put together a nice usage of MozAfterPaint, the new Firefox event that will call back letting you know when a repaint operation has happened: The event object contains two properties: .clientRects and .boundingClientRect, both of which refer to the result of the associated DOM methods. In a nutshell, boundingClientRect gives you a single Read the rest…

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Sensei: A beautiful Dojo application

Category: Dojo, Showcase

I have seen some of the great applications that SitePen produces, but unfortunately too many of them are for companies behind the firewalls. It is great to see Sensei a really compelling Dojo application that SitePen wrote for their training class. This isn’t one of those simple training examples that you normally get though. This Read the rest…

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