Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Symfony Firebug Extension: Firesymfony

Category: Debugging, PHP

Alvaro Videla just wrote in to tell us about Firesymfony, a Firebug extension that provides an alternative to Symfony’s built-in web debug toolbar. sometimes the toolbar position makes impossible to use some features of the layout of our website, like a link menu on the top right corner. It also happens that while we display Read the rest…

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YUI 2.6.0 Released: Carousels, Paginators, and lots of examples

Category: Yahoo!

Nate Koechley has announced YUI 2.6.0 final: 2.6.0 introduces a new Carousel Control, offers the Paginator Control for general use (it was previously bundled with DataTable), includes more than 450 total fixes, enhancements and optimizations, graduates eight components out of “beta,” and now ships with more than 290 functional examples. To go along with the Read the rest…

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Web Inspector: Looking good, and profiling nicely

Category: Utility, WebKit

The WebKit Web Inspector has been redesigned and improved, and it looks great. Here is a brief look into the features. Redesigned First and foremost, the Web Inspector is now sporting a new design that organizes information into task-oriented groups — represented by icons in the toolbar. The toolbar items (Elements, Resources, Scripts, Profiles and Read the rest…

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Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

The Presentation Randomizer

Category: Fun, Presentation, The Ajax Experience

At our Ajax Experience keynote this year, Dion and I coded up a simple little program that buzzed at random intervals every 10-120 seconds. Whenever it buzzed, one of us had to stop talking and the other would have to pick up right where the other guy left off. It definitely kept things fresh. Quite Read the rest…

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 8:03 am

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Hammerhead: Continuous integration for performance

Category: Performance, Utility

Steve Souders is launching Hammerhead today at The Ajax Experience. What is Hammerhead? I kinda think of it as continuous integration for performance. It is a Firebug plugin that you can setup to monitor the performance of your application. Imagine if you add a new feature that you think will speed things up, this tool Read the rest…

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JStORM: A New JavaScript Object-Relational Mapper

Category: Database, JavaScript

Uriel Katz wrote in to tell us that he’s burned his GearsORM framework to the ground to create the entirely new JStORM framework, announced in his blog. JStORM currently supports Google Gears, Aptana Jaxer, and Adobe AIR, but it’s still bleeding edge: no documentation yet, just code. But the feature-set is interesting: * define your Read the rest…

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Prototype out there

Category: Prototype

Just a short one, Prototype has a new point release that is a drop in replacement for your 1.6.* code: Yesterday we released Prototype, the result of some much-needed bug fixes, and a stopgap release on the road to 1.6.1. It’s a backwards-compatible, drop-in replacement recommended for all users of Prototype 1.6. We’ve fixed Read the rest…

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Finding those trailing commas

Category: Tip, Utility

Dan Fabulich got bitten by the “trailing comma” issue one too many times, so he created a script to solve his problem: “How many thousands of developer hours have been lost to random IE bugs like this?” I asked myself. I decided that there had to be a good way to detect this problem in Read the rest…

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