Friday, November 28th, 2008

JavaScript Bra Size Calculator

Category: Examples, JavaScript, Showcase

Now this could only fly on a Friday ;) Ed Spencer has coded up a bra size calculator in JavaScript: One of the more mesmerizing websites I’ve worked on recently was for a lingerie boutique in the UK. Aside from the unenviable task of having to look at pictures of women in lingerie all day, Read the rest…

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Mouse entering and leaving versus over and out

Category: HTML, JavaScript

Greg Reimer is doing really interesting work with reglib and he now has a neutral post on events and how he favours the pattern of mouse enter / leave to mouse over / out. He shows an example using the pyramid illustrations (as above) and then ends with: The title of this post is a Read the rest…

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<!doctype html>

Category: HTML

< View plain text > HTML < !doctype html> That is what HTML 5 defines, and Dustin Diaz agrees as he lays down the skinny: Doctypes have long been in standardista discussions circles. Why to use them. Which one to use. Which one is best. These are all <sarcasm>really fun details</sarcasm> to get into, but Read the rest…

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SproutCore: Mixins and Talk

Category: JavaScript, Library

If you skip in 20 minutes to the presentation above you will find Charles Jolley talking about SproutCore: During this presentation I actually built and deployed a small application on stage but the most interesting thing, I think, is the part where I talk about how thick client frameworks like SproutCore change the way you Read the rest…

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s3slider: fading gracefully

Category: jQuery

s3slider is a simple jQuery plugin that smoothly lets you fade through a set of images. You include the script and then: < View plain text > HTML // setup the images <div id="s3slider">    <ul id="s3sliderContent">       <li class="s3sliderImage">           <img src="#" />           Read the rest…

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Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Remote-ly Thankful

Category: Editorial

I realise that we are an international community here at Ajaxian, but for the American Thanksgiving holiday, I thought it would be OK to take stock and say some thanks too. Firstly, to the bright hackers who brought us not only XHR (thanks Microsoft), but porting it to other browsers, and then the hard work Read the rest…

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Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Drawter: Visual Web based HTML tool

Category: Showcase, Utility

Damian Wielgosik has created Drawter, a web based tool to layout pages: Drawter is a tool written in JavaScript and based on jQuery library. It provides you the possibility to literally draw your website’s code. It runs on every single web-browser which makes it really useful and helpful. Each tag is presented as a layer Read the rest…

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NetBeans Adds JavaScript 1.7 Support

Category: JavaScript

Dion and I were just talking about NetBeans (Sun’s free Java IDE) with some colleagues the other day. To those in the Java community, just mentioning “NetBeans” can conjure up some of the worst memories of mounting file systems and purple-hued user interfaces. But in reality, today’s NetBeans is a fantastic IDE with a modern-looking Read the rest…

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Getting Semantic With Microformats Series by Emily Lewis

Category: Microformat

One of the best aspects of living in the Bay Area is bumping into all sorts of interesting computer folks. Today I’m working from a coffee shop and bumped into Tantek Çelik, CSS and Microformats man. He pointed me to a fabulous blog series introducing Microformats and all the major formats for a more lay-person Read the rest…

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Seadragon: zoom deeply in the world of Ajax

Category: Mapping, UI

Bertrand Le Roy pointed me to Seadragon Ajax, a JavaScript client that gives you deep zoom (think: Google Maps) ability in short order. To build the thing itself you use Deep Zoom Composer and then you choose whether you want the Silverlight version or this Ajax one. The embed viewer is easy to use too.

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Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Generating and Playing Sound in Javascript

Category: Sound

Another experiment with sound, data: URIs, and the embed tag. SK has shown that it’s possible to generate wave file in Javascript and play it. All this happens in the browser and without requiring Flash. He’s built a sine wave generator and a song player. I came across a post about putting .wav files in Read the rest…

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UA Profiler: A second look

Category: Browsers, Performance

We posted on Steve’s UA Profiler tool, and John Resig has taken a nice look at the current results. It actually now looks like Minefield (Firefox nightly) is getting 10 out of 11, and the other browsers are doing great too. Jonas Sicking of Mozilla has a really nice comment that talks about what the Read the rest…

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Car Navigation Map Mashup in Canvas

Category: Canvas

Ernest is up to his old canvas tricks again. This time he has published a car navigation demo that lets you drive around a set of tiles from a map (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap) and it paints your course at the same time. How did he do it? The key of the whole implementation is the Read the rest…

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ExtPlayer: Ext AIR classes get an update

Category: Adobe, Sencha

Aaron Conran has created a new set of AIR classes, as well as an example called ExtPlayer to show them off. Ext.air.MusicPlayer Ext 2.0.2 introduced an Ext.air.Sound class, which is useful for playing small sounds such as beep and chimes. In contrast, Ext.air.MusicPlayer is meant for long running sounds such as music and podcasts which Read the rest…

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Canvas Step by Step Tutorial

Category: Canvas

Bill Mill has created a nice step by step canvas tutorial that has you building a breakout clone, and you can interactively run code on the fly. The code path takes you through the following steps: Introduction Draw a Circle Add Some Color Action Library: an Interlude Bounce Add a Paddle The Keyboard The Mouse Read the rest…

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Monday, November 24th, 2008

Meer Meer: Cross browser testing all through your one browser!

Category: Adobe, Browsers, Testing

The most exciting part of Adobe MAX last week was a service that was announced by Paul Gubbay at the “Sneaks” session that shows cool tech that Adobe folk are working on. His (very early stage) service is called Meer Meer and it is genuinely useful. You can plugin a URL and the system will Read the rest…

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