Friday, January 30th, 2009

Push back: Digital TV? or IE 8?

Category: IE

Some people are very excited to see the improvements that the IE team have made with IE 8 (and the hope that it will get some IE 6 users up up and away). However, others are not so happy. With IE 8 getting close to launch after the RC release, is it ready for prime Read the rest…

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Cubic Bezier timing function for all

Category: Canvas

Christian Effenberger is up to his tricks once again. This time he has created a cubic-bezier-timing function in the public domain that is compatible with -webkit-transition-timing-function: I thought that in addition to the -webkit-transition-timing-function cubic-bezier(), support for a 100% compatible easing defined by a cubic bezier function as a public domain javascript would be welcome. Read the rest…

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Becoming More Productive With JavaScript and Vim Screencast

Category: Dojo, Tutorial

Matthew Russell has created a nice screencast showing how to be more productive in Vim: I’ve been doing some reflecting this week on how I can work smarter (instead of harder), and one of the things I came up with was adding a few more tools to my Vim repertoire. I spend more than half Read the rest…

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w00t! Feeling Chatty

Category: Aptana, JavaScript, jQuery, Showcase

Live Ajax chat is one of those Comet 101 kind of examples (as RSS readers were to Ajax back in the day!). We saw a couple of items from this meme recently. First, jChat, a showcase chat application using Jaxer: Jaxer ships with a number of basic samples, but I’ve seen quite a few people Read the rest…

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Chromeless: Designing zen; a browser without a browser

Category: Usability

Alex Faaborg and Aza Raskin have been having some fun playing with a new design challenge at Mozilla, and it shows in their design review screen/pod/vidcasts. The latest episode focuses on chromless browsing: What would a browser look like if the Web was all there was? As the Web becomes even more ubiquitous, we’ll never Read the rest…

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Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Twitter’s protected updates privacy problem

Category: Security

This morning I had a fun email (in 60 pixel letters) concerning TweetEffect – a Twitter analysis tool I’ve written (details on my blog). In essence I was being accused of making protected updates of the Twitter user available to the world. I tried it out and couldn’t reach their updates. I then started wondering Read the rest…

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What Server Side JavaScript needs; Join in!

Category: JavaScript, Server

Kevin Dangoor, colleague of ours in the Mozilla Developer Tools group, has created a Server JavaScript group to discuss what server side JavaScript needs. It feels a little like the Java world pre-Servlets, with many similar but different APIs in implementations. Let’s listen to Kevin’s thoughts, and let us know your thoughts! Server side JavaScript Read the rest…

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A little bit of Microsoft…. CSS tests and open source Web Sandbox

Category: Microsoft

There have been a couple of interesting bits of news out of Microsoft over the last couple of days. Firstly, they submitted a boat load of CSS 2.1 tests to the W3C: Today, the IE Team is submitting 3784 new test cases to the CSS 2.1 Working Group for inclusion into the CSS 2.1 test Read the rest…

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Rotate images with Canvas jQuery plugin

Category: Canvas, jQuery

Pawel Witkowski released an interesting jQuery plugin called Wilq32.RotateImage that lets you rotate images simply: < View plain text > javascript // just do it 5 degrees $(‘#image2’).rotate({angle:5});   // animate the rotation var rot=$(‘#image3’).rotate({maxAngle:25,minAngle:-55,   bind: [     {"mouseover":function(){rot.rotateAnimation(85);}},     {"mouseout":function(){rot.rotateAnimation(-35);}}   ] }); You can also do this type of thing Read the rest…

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Category: Tip

< View plain text > javascript IE=’\v’==’v’ That is the current winner in the shortest way to test for IE (including 8). The other notable was: < View plain text > javascript IE=top.execScript?1:0 Huh :) Gareth Heyes (the chap who did the v trick) has posted on this himself and comes up with One Line Read the rest…

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Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Timescope: to mobile and beyond

Category: GWT, Showcase

Ray Cromwell has the ability to do amazing things in the browser. We have often linked to his work on Chronoscope and more, and this time he has a screencast showing of Timescope “our charting engine, written in GWT, runnable as Servlet or Android native application, renders huge numbers of points at interactive rates, scriptable, Read the rest…

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Jack: A port of Rack to JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Server

Tom Robinson (Cappuccino, Objective J, 280* fame) is someone you should follow on Github as he comes up with cool stuff such as cappruby “a Ruby implementation on top of JavaScript / Objective-J runtime. Proof of concept stage.” But that isn’t why we are here today. Tom has a new project called Jack which is Read the rest…

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Sitepoint relaunches reference site

Category: CSS, Examples, HTML, JavaScript

The Sitepoint reference guide has been relaunched. It looks very clean indeed. Here is an example of docs for the getElementById method. You will see that it has basic info, compatibility charts (although they are minimal… saying things like “buggy” instead of why), and hints. For example: The behavior of this method when more than Read the rest…

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Xccessors: Cross browser JavaScript get/setters

Category: JavaScript

Elijah Grey has created a shim called Xccessors that “is a script that implements the legacy methods for defining and looking up object accessors (getters and setters) of objects in JavaScript using ECMAScript 3.1’s accessors standard. This is aimed at adding support for the legacy method in IE8 RC1.” You can check out a demo Read the rest…

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Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Gmail Offline is here (or coming soon for you!)

Category: Gears, Google, Offline

Gmail Offline has been an incredibly long wished for product feature and now it is coming (takes time to push it out to people and it will appear in Settings – Labs). This is a big deal. It uses Gears of course, and many people are always saying “it’s about bloody time.” This is easy Read the rest…

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Why open video matters, and what we are trying to do about it

Category: Video

Disclosure: Yup, still work for Mozilla! Chris Blizzard has a really nice look at why he thinks open video matters, and some of the steps that Mozilla is taking to help get it there. We all know that this is a huge, incredibly tough problem, but you gotta do something! First, the why: Everyone agrees Read the rest…

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