Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Browser Detection with XSLT

Category: Tip

This is a fun little hack by Manfred Staudinger. Thanks to select=”system-property(‘xsl:vendor’)”, he has a style sheet that allows you to show items depending on the browser: To include a link or a style element for one of the above choices you use the dr:select attribute and specify one or more tokens as a comma Read the rest…

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WebDAV Client in Ajax

Category: Showcase

Ajax File Browser isn’t just a set of tree components. It implements the WebDAV API, and features: Cross-browser, cross-OS: runs in IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome WebDAV RFC 2518 compliant POST-upload and upload progress support And coming soon: Locks management IE 8 and improved IE 7 support Upload to third-party WebDAV servers More programming features

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MooTools. What up?

Category: MooTools

Aaron Newton has written two interesting pieces on MooTools. First, he gives us history on the library as a way to explain where it is today, and why some people are concerned that the core isn’t moving that fast (which others would call a feature!): Because the current state of the library is very stable, Read the rest…

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Monday, January 26th, 2009

RockstarApps’ Web Optimization plugins for Eclipse and Aptana

Category: Performance

Bob Buffone has some interesting performance plugins for Eclipse and Aptana, so I asked him to tell us a little about them. He came up with this: This week RockstarApps released a beta version of jsLex 1.2. The goal of project is to “codify” all the research that has been done in Web Optimization by Read the rest…

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AppStore: Cappuccino based view of the Apple application store

Category: Showcase

AppStore is an interesting web app written using Cappuccino to give a view of the Apple AppStore on the Web (linking through when appropriate). It has an iPhone-y like interface, and you will notice very custom components (e.g. the drop downs).

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What is coming up with IE8 and 9?

Category: Browsers, IE

Michael Calore of Wired has a writeup of the IE team “Ask The Experts” web chat from this week. Here is the meat: The target for CSS support in IE8 is full and complete support for CSS2.1. The only CSS3 module in IE8 is writing-mode (for vertical text support). IE has supported this since version Read the rest…

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Sunday, January 25th, 2009

jData: pseudo-globalStorage for browsers

Category: JavaScript

Elijah Grey has created an open source implementation of a psuedo-globalStorage[”] called jData that works in Firefox 3+, WebKit Nightlies, and IE8 beta 2. We asked him to tell us more: globalStorage[”] was supposed to be a globally shared storage interface but was too insecure due to every host having write access. Read access is Read the rest…

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Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Captcha cracking in JavaScript with Canvas and neural nets

Category: Canvas, Security

Everybody’s favourite glass shield to protect web apps are CAPTCHAS. These are the distorted characters displayed on a page that a user has to enter before gaining access or sending off a form. They annoy normal users, are largely inaccessible to blind users or dyslexic people and are not that safe as we think they Read the rest…

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Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Dependency Management with the with YUI Loader

Category: JavaScript, Yahoo!

Simon Tiffert told us of a co-workers post on loading your JavaScript modules with the YUI Loader. The post discusses how you can use the loader for your own libraries, giving you full dependency management, similar to that of the Dojo loader and others: As YUI comes with a special module for loading dependencies, the Read the rest…

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Spatial Query: handling spatial maths with flair

Category: JavaScript, Library

Chris Zelenak has created Spacial Query a very nice library for spatial math. He told us: I recently wrote up a library to help me with operations on polygons, and ended up adding some stuff for dealing with matrix, vector and latitude longitude primitives as well. The name is taken from the JQuery style chaining Read the rest…

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Speed up your JavaScript with memoization and queueing

Category: JavaScript, Performance

Nicholas C. Zakas is back at it with part two of his Speed up your JavaScript series. This time he again discusses the problem with loops, and in this case nested loops: < View plain text > javascript function bubbleSort(items){     for (var i=items.length-1; i >= 0; i–){         for (var Read the rest…

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JSLint Multi: Continously monitor multiple JavaScript files

Category: JavaScript, Utility, Widgets, Yahoo!

Michael Schøler and Jakob Kruse have created JSLint Multi a widget that acts as a continous linter for the Yahoo! Widgets platform: JSLint Multi uses Douglas Crockford’s excellent JSLint tool to check your Javascript files for potential problems. Drag a folder unto JSLint Multi, and it will give you an overview of the JSLint status Read the rest…

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webkitMobile.dojo.js: shrink it up

Category: Mobile

It turns out that Alex was responds in detail on his own work. He was playing around with the question: What would Dojo look like if it was WebKit only? He ended up with webkitMobile.dojo.js which is 26-29% smaller (depending on compression). The big size wins (in decreasing order) were: Moving to a QSA-only version Read the rest…

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Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Having fun in the Ajax Playground

Category: Google, JavaScript, Showcase

Ben Lisbakken, a chap who I had the pleasure to work with at Google, has done a really nice job creating a Google Ajax API Playground, an area that allows you to touch and feel the APIs in real-time: Ben said: The AJAX API Playground is currently loaded with over 170 samples for 8 Google Read the rest…

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JavaScript Performance Rocks; Beware the DOM monster!

Category: Book Reviews, Performance

When I heard that the dynamic duo Thomas Fuchs and Amy Hoy were writing a book I wanted to check it out. They have released a beta version, which is pretty much code complete, with just some copy and illustration tweaks to come ($24). The book is actually a bit of a two in one, Read the rest…

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JsMemcached.js: JavaScript Jaxer Client

Category: Aptana, JavaScript

Rakesh Pai has created a Jaxer JavaScript client for Memcached. Once you load the file you simple configure the main object (change the file rather than calling .config(…) which would make more sense): < View plain text > javascript JsMemcached.set("keyName", "Value here, as long as you want");   JsMemcached.get("keyName");   JsMemcached.close(); // no open() as Read the rest…

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