Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Platform Optimization Strategies for Ajax Toolkits

Category: Ajax, Editorial, Examples, Library

Dylan Schiemann has posted on Platform Optimization Strategies for Ajax Toolkits which covers techniques for having code run on multiple platforms effectively. He talks about how some frameworks have code paths for specific browsers to shorten the if (foo) type overhead. Having a compile step like GWT does makes this easy. TIBCO GI “builds an Read the rest…

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Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

CSS Selector Shell: See what the browsers see

Category: CSS, Utility

Lindsey Simon was always a great guy to chat with at Google. He always had an idea and something cool that he was working on. His latest little tool is fun to play with. It is called CSS Selector Shell and it “is a browser-based tool for testing what CSS becomes in different browsers. It Read the rest…

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JavaScript Behavior Sheet

Category: JavaScript

Bertrand Le Roy of Microsoft is experimenting with JavaScript Behavior Sheets, a way to separate styling, markup, and behaviour. He has created a notion of a behaviour file that uses CSS to tie in the behaviour: < View plain text > HTML <script type="text/behavior" src="BehaviorSheet.jss"></script> The experiment uses a JSON object for now (e.g. the Read the rest…

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Test Pilot: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to do real usability studies?

Category: Usability

How many tabs does an average use at a time? How about novice users? How often is the stop button pressed? How many times do people open a new tab to perform a search? There are hundreds of questions like these whose answers would help quantitatively inform the design process of Firefox. Those are the Read the rest…

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The new whitehouse is so open it wants Robots to come in too

Category: Editorial

Congrats to the new President, and to the great development team that created and the like, and now get to run Jason Kottke poked around and compared the robots.txt files from both administration. The Bush version was ~2400 lines long: User-agent: * Disallow: /cgi-bin Disallow: /search Disallow: /query.html Disallow: /omb/search Disallow: /omb/query.html Disallow: Read the rest…

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Dojo Zoomer – Sweet Image Cropping Widget

Category: Dojo

I love projects that evolve from minor functionality to full-blown apps, especially with the help of a strong community like Dojo users. This is precisely what happened to Peter Higgins: Dojo Zoomer began as a simple Drag and Drop / Constrained Mover example, and with the help of a couple #dojo community members took shape Read the rest…

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How global is your JavaScript?

Category: JavaScript, Library

Mats Bryntse “had an idea about checking the most popular javascript frameworks & APIs to see how they differ in terms of global namespace pollution. This page loads all the frameworks separately in an iframe and compares the window object against the one of a fresh iframe. I also included information about which builtin JavaScript Read the rest…

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Sexy Page Curls

Category: Component, jQuery

I thought that sexy curls were not related to technology, but Elliott Kember packaged a nice and easy page curl plugin using jQuery. All you need to do is: < View plain text > HTML <script type="text/javascript" src="turn/turn.js"></script> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="turn/turn.css">   <script> $(document).ready(function(){     $( ‘#target’ ).fold(); }); </script>

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Passpack ups it game with Gears

Category: Gears

Without Gears, it took about 23 seconds to unpack the tags. Versus just over 1 second for the same operation with Gears. What is that quote about? Passpack is a long time Gears user, but they have put out a new update that uses Gears in a better way. They use WorkerPools, and it really Read the rest…

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Seed the desktop world with lots of JavaScript

Category: JavaScript

< View plain text > javascript #!/usr/bin/env seed   // Import libraries that are used by the program Seed.import_namespace("Gtk");   // Initialize GTK+ Gtk.init(null, null);   // Create the main application window and set the title var window = new Gtk.Window({title: "Hello World"}); // Make the program terminate when the window is closed window.signal.hide.connect(Gtk.main_quit);   Read the rest…

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Monday, January 19th, 2009

Parse User Agent: Harder than you thought?

Category: Browsers

Steve Souders likes to look at user agents in the morning. For his UA Profiler he has to parse the user agents coming in to put the results in the correct bucket. He assumed that there would be libraries that did this well, but wasn’t able to find anything reliable. In his post he talks Read the rest…

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C3DL: Canvas 3D JavaScript Library

Category: Canvas

C3DL has a new release that “includes the following major features: – Collada Support: The ability to load collada models (of the triangle, polylist or polygon variety) along with their textures. Models with multiple nodes are supported and their names and relative transformation will all be imported.” What is C3DL? The Canvas 3D JS Libary Read the rest…

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BitTorrent in the Browser

Category: Browsers

Opera does it. Others talk about it. Robert Accettura posts about how he thinks we should implement BitTorrent in the browser. He doesn’t want a X-Torrent HTTP header as we can use Accept-Encoding for the same goal. How would it work? Assume my browser supports the BitTorrent protocol and I visit the following URL for Read the rest…

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Styling HTML5 markup in IE

Category: HTML

Simon Pieters first posted on how to support new elements in IE. “However, if the user has scripting disabled, the layout would probably fall apart badly.” So, he has a new post that shows us what to do with no script: There are some tricks to work around the broken DOM and limited styling in Read the rest…

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Web Resources He Uses

Category: Tip

“Ethan” has a really nicely packaged set of web resources that he uses. From JavaScript core libraries, to widgets, to tools, to CSS frameworks, to CSS techniques, to browser compatibility, to typography, to extensions, and much much more. Nicely done.

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Friday, January 16th, 2009

Filament Group Goodness Using jQuery UI

Category: jQuery

We’ve featured the work of the Filament Group in the past and here they are again leveraging jQuery UI RC5 to really enhance some of their controls. Date Range Picker The Date Range Picker goes beyond the normal date picker control by Allowing presets such ‘Specific Date’, ‘All Dates Before’, ‘All Dates After’, ‘Date Range’ Read the rest…

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