Monday, February 9th, 2009

Building an isNative method

Category: JavaScript

If you want to test if a method is “native” in that the host provided the methods, versus a third party method (including one that has overridden a native function) it can be tricky. Kangax posted on the issue where he took a note Diego Perini on an impl: < View plain text > javascript Read the rest…

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Friday, February 6th, 2009

FireScope: Add a Web reference to your Firebug

Category: Debugging, Utility

Firescope is a nice new Firebug extension that adds a reference tab to your debugging pane as well as hooks into your context menu. Features You can search for HTML elements, HTML attributes, or CSS properties (or any combination). The search happens live as you type, so usually you’ll only have to type one or Read the rest…

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True JavaScript Hash Table

Category: JavaScript

While it’s great that JavaScript has a built-in hash-like mechanism, but it is limited to string keys. Tim Down recently filled us in on his project to create a more flexible hash table: I occasionally want a proper hash table in JavaScript, by which I mean something that can map an arbitrary key object with Read the rest…

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document.getElementById(“check1”).indeterminate = true; Now shipping in Firefox Trunk

Category: Firefox, HTML, Mozilla, Standards

Michael Ventnor posted about his implementation of the indeterminate state that is specified in HTML5 for checkboxes and radio buttons: If you do any web development, chances are you know checkboxes and radio buttons can have two states: checked and unchecked. But in the case of checkboxes, you may want to indicate to the user Read the rest…

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CSS Animations in WebKit Nightly and iPhone

Category: CSS

Fire up WebKit nightly, or point your recently updated iPhone to check out this beautiful leaf animation all made possible with CSS Animation. A simple bounce animation is shown to give you an idea of how it works: < View plain text > css @-webkit-keyframes bounce {  from {    left: 0px;  }  to { Read the rest…

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How many engineers does it take to create a cross browser button?

Category: Component, CSS, UI

So, you want to create a button that you have full control over, and you want it to work well cross browser. Shouldn’t be hard right? Wrong. Doug Bowmanepines about the job of doing just this, which is something he kicked off at Google, and we see the result in apps such as Sites and Read the rest…

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Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Chrome Extension Process Model Design Doc

Category: Chrome, JavaScript

The chaps in Chrome land that know a thing or two about writing extensions are getting their design docs on and we see a new draft of how extensions mesh with the process model of Chrome: Chromium extensions will follow a multi-process architecture to share the same kind of stability and security that regular web Read the rest…

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Speeding up your JavaScript: Part 3 and 4

Category: JavaScript, Performance

Nicholas C. Zakas wraps up his series on speeding up JavaScript with two more posts on the subject. First up, he delves deeper into a generic memoizer: In part 2 of this series, I wrote briefly about handling too much recursion in a function through memoization. Memoization is a technique for caching previously calculated values Read the rest…

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PS3-like Slideshow Implementation with Canvas

Category: Canvas, Showcase

Jérôme Wax has created a really nice PS3-like slideshow mashing up Flickr with Canvas to drive. Where you place your mouse will effect the movement and speed of the slideshow from left to right. Nice and snappy.

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Opera comes out with new JavaScript engine in Carakan, new hardware API in Vega

Category: JavaScript, Opera, Performance

Opera isn’t sitting on their heels as the other browser vendors get snappy (even if other claim so!) Today they announced Carakan a new register based JavaScript VM that is currently 2.5 times faster than their existing one (based on SunSpider). It does native code generation including at specializing for Regex (interestingly since irregex for Read the rest…

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Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

irregexp: New fast Regexp engine in Chrome

Category: Chrome, Performance

We are seeing great work with faster JavaScript, but what about faster DOM? Or faster CSS? Or faster libraries? Or faster Regexp? Well, members of the Chrome team have announced irregexp, a faster Regexp engine for Chrome. They go into detail on what they had, what they did, and why they did it. It is Read the rest…

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CSS for Layout. Another Rant

Category: CSS

The old chestnut has come out again, with this rant on CSS for layout which has caused a fuss, and thus a follow up post. The basic gist is: While CSS should be used for styling, tables should be used for layout. The author lays out annoyances such as, CSS floats: Apparently the order matters. Read the rest…

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Designing Web Interfaces with Bill Scott and Theresa Neil

Category: Books, UI, Usability

Bill Scott presented Designing Web Interfaces, a slideshow based on core items from his book (co-authored by Theresa Neil). There are some really interesting posts on the site, such as 30 Essential Controls. Theresa has been pinging the major frameworks and will be posting a matrix of coverage by the various frameworks. But more generally Read the rest…

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Kiva: Making a difference with a new API

Category: JSON, Library

We don’t often post about general APIs. I let John Musser handle that on Programmable Web, but this one strikes a chord with me. Kiva, the distributed micro loan platform, has released a new developer API that gives third parties access to create innovative applications on top of the platform: The initial release of the Read the rest…

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Yet More Ajax Experience Videos: Frameworks

Category: The Ajax Experience, Video

And, more Ajax Experience videos! This post’s theme is “Frameworks”: New Features in DWR Version 3 with Joe Walker Dojo Fundamentals with Alex Russell JavaScript Library Overview with John Resig The Road to Cappuccino with Francisco Tolmasky MooTools: An Overview with Aaron Newton

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Joose 2.0 released

Category: JavaScript, Library

< View plain text > javascript Class("Point", {     has: {         x: {is: "ro"},         y: {is: "rw"},     },     methods: {         clear: function () {             this.x = 0;           Read the rest…

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