Friday, March 6th, 2009

The Road to HTML 5: spellchecking and contentEdible

Category: HTML, Standards

I am sorry, but I can’t help but write contentEdible for some reason :) Mark Pilgrim has been pushing forward with his series on HTML 5, and recently has a couple of interesting dives: Spellchecking The feature of the day is spell checking, by which I mean client-side in-browser checking of text in standard <textarea> Read the rest…

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Calculate your content to markup ratio

Category: Tip, Utility

Stoyan Stefanov has created a fun little bookmarklet that calculates the content to markup ratio of a webpage: When you care about performance, or SEO (or just doing a good job as web dev) an interesting data point is the ratio of page content vs. the markup used to present this content. Or… how much Read the rest…

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Thursday, March 5th, 2009

SelectorGadget: Selector Bookmarklet

Category: Debugging

Having trouble working out a selector to grab that DOM element? Take heart, Blake Edwards and Kit Sunde pointed us to something that may help you out: SelectorGadget. SelectorGadget is an open source bookmarklet that makes CSS selector generation and discovery on complicated sites a breeze. With SelectorGadget, you just click on the DOM element(s), Read the rest…

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Dojo + Rails = Drails?

Category: Dojo, Rails

Bob Remeika pointed us to his recent labor of love: Drails: Introducing Dojo support for Ruby on Rails! drails is a helper library for using Dojo alongside Rails. It provides a Dojo implementation for all of the Rails helpers that would normally generate Prototype/Scriptaculous code so now ajaxifying your Rails application with Dojo is as Read the rest…

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Accessing the system clipboard from Web applications

Category: Bespin, JavaScript

We had a subtly different use case for accessing the system clipboard. The Flash backdoor no longer works, so I took a step back at the landscape for accessing the system landscape and wrote up some of the items. The landscape of clipboard API access, hidden text areas, on[cut|copy|paste] events, zeroclipboard, and on and on. Read the rest…

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The Art of Throwing Errors in JavaScript

Category: Debugging, JavaScript

Nicholas Zakas recently wrote a piece covering the basics of throwing errors in JavaScript: You can throw an by using the throw operator and providing an object to throw. Any type of object can be thrown, however, an Error object is the most typical to use: < View plain text > js throw new Error("Something Read the rest…

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Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Detect if the browser supports APNG

Category: Canvas, JavaScript, Library

< View plain text > javascript (function(_global) {     var apng_test = new Image(),     canvas = document.createElement("canvas"),     ctx = canvas.getContext("2d");     apng_test.src = "apng-test.png"; // a data URI will cause a security error so you _have_ to link to external resource     // frame 1 (skipped on apng-supporting Read the rest…

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Map Reduce in the browser

Category: JavaScript

Ilya Grigorik of Igvita has proposed and built a collaborative Map Reduce system in JavaScript that allows browsers to dive in and use their CPU to do some things. On the JavaScript side you can do something like: < View plain text > javascript function map() {         /* count the number Read the rest…

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Using Polygonal CSS for imageless tooltips and more

Category: CSS

The Filament Group has written up a great article on using polygonal CSS for image free tooltips with pointers. This means building the following without any images: This harkens back to Tantek’s work on polygons and shows how you can build them: Polygonal CSS works by setting an element’s width to something small and then Read the rest…

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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009


Category: Accessibility, JavaScript, Library

Daniel Steigerwald has written a nice little standalone library for accessibility called QFocuser. It features: allow to your widget to listen key events when its focused focus can be enabled on any element fires focus and blur events (so your table row will NOT remain highlighted after click out of table for example) make your Read the rest…

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Juicer: Package your JavaScript and CSS

Category: Performance, Utility

Christian Johansen has released Juicer a very nice Sprocket-esque tool for packaging and managing your JavaScript AND your CSS. It has taken all of the best practices and put them in one tool, including: resolve dependencies for JavaScripts and CSS files combine files add cache busters to URLs inside CSS files cycle asset hosts for Read the rest…

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Dreaming… how to write a browser extension in the future

Category: Browsers

Aza Raskin has been thinking about extensions. Whipping out the XUL can be a little tricky, so what can we do to make life easier? Aza has written out his dream way to write a Firefox extension and I hope it goes from being a dream, to somewhat reality. He gives some use cases for Read the rest…

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Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Manipulating video in real time with Canvas

Category: Canvas

Now that we are getting browsers that natively grok video as well as images and the like, we can do interesting things. Paul Rouget has demonstrated “chroma-keying” (green screen effect) using JavaScript, the video tag, and canvas: The document establishes two canvas elements, with the IDs c1 and c2. Canvas c1 is used to display Read the rest…

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Secret: Time for some Monday fun

Category: Fun, JavaScript

Allan Jardine, a chap who I am a big fan of as he does great work, has a bit of Friday fun that I couldn’t resist putting up on a Monday. He has created Secret “a Javascript library which provides the functions required for scanning an HTML document for certain characters, locating those characters on Read the rest…

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Atlas: More on the Interface Builder of the Web

Category: Atlas

We are really excited about Atlas. The great 280North team have continued their trajectory in first building Objective C for the Web (Objective J), then Cocoa (Cappuccino) , and now Interface Builder (Atlas). Although we won’t see the live Atlas for a couple more months, Francisco Tolmasky has kindly written up more details for us Read the rest…

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Sunday, March 1st, 2009

The Most Popular Sessions at TheServerSide Java Symposium

Category: Conferences, Java’s Java Symposium kicks off in less than 2 weeks! Our sister site has put together an impressive lineup of speakers and over 45 tech sessions and case studies that you should know about, like Identifying Browser Problems in Ajax Apps, Meet-up for Selenium, soapUI, HtmlUnit and Other Test Tools and much more. And if you haven’t heard, Ajaxian members Read the rest…

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