Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Chrome Extension API; How we wish we have named parameters

Category: Chrome, JavaScript

< View plain text > javascript chromium.tabs.createTab({  "url": "http://www.google.com/",  "selected": true,  "tabIndex": 3 }); This is how you will probably create a new tab using the Chrome extensions API when it comes out. Aaron Boodman talked about the choice and how they are looking to make the APIs look more like this: I’m using the Read the rest…

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CSS is Awesome, so what about JavaScript?

Category: CSS, Fun

That is a great mug, but the question is….. what can we do for JavaScript or HTML?

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Monday, April 6th, 2009

Ext Core released as MIT library

Category: Sencha

We all witnessed the full licensing toil wrt ExtJS over the years. Now the team has released Ext Core 3.0 beta with an MIT license. What is different? Ext Core is a subset of the upcoming Ext JS 3.0 release optimized for speed & file size. Developers familiar with Ext JS can leverage their existing Read the rest…

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Need a Script? Check out AjaxRain.com

Category: Ajax

Launched in June, 2007, AjaxRain.com has continued its steady growth of aggregating awesome extensions for the popular JavaScript frameworks. It was a late starter coming after the popular site MiniAjax but while MiniAjax unfortunately stopped updates, AjaxRain continued loading up with top scripts from around the web. Currently listing 1200+ scripts, it has become the Read the rest…

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Great visualizations with Protovis

Category: Canvas, JavaScript

I have been very impressed with Andrew Sutherland of the Mozilla Messaging team (which is one reason that I have faith that I will dump Gmail for something he and the Messaging team come up with one day ;) and the visualizations that he is playing with are quite cool indeed. Seeing your email in Read the rest…

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GX 1.1 and GX Extras

Category: JavaScript

Riccardo Degni has updated GX: I’m really pleased to announce you the new release of GX. GX is smaller, has a full support for delaying animations in the queue and last but not least the new GX.Extras file (2kb) is now available: it contains 12 new methods and allows to create rich and complex sequences Read the rest…

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Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Detecting event support in browsers

Category: JavaScript, Tip

Kangax has a really nice article on testing for event support in browsers in which he delves into the quirks and work-arounds needed to get ‘er done, coming up with a nice generic solution: < View plain text > javascript var isEventSupported = (function(){     var TAGNAMES = {       ‘select’:’input’,’change’:’input’,   Read the rest…

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Poller: YUI3 Small Polling Component

Category: JavaScript, Yahoo!

Eric Ferraiuolo has created a YUI3 component for smart polling which means: Use conditional GET requests Retain the most recent Etag and Last-Modified date of the polled resource Disable polling when the browser window is inactive Implementing a smart polling process in our application’s rich UI gives us some desired benefits: Removal of the refresh Read the rest…

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Awesomium: Embed Web content in your 3d worlds and games

Category: Games

Awesomium lets you embed Chromium/WebKit into 3d worlds and games. Check out the video above and half fun looking at the transparent search results and the shadows from the content on the grass. What could it be used for? Powering an in-game GUI using HTML/JS/CSS Rendering a live web-page to a 3D object and interacting Read the rest…

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Auto Scrolling Parallax Effect in CSS

Category: CSS, Examples

Paul Hayes is off doing more fun things, this time creating an auto scrolling parallax effect with CSS, specifically using multiple background images on a single element and the -webkit-transition property to provide the auto-scrolling. All with a bit o’ CSS: < View plain text > css #background {         background: url(’../images/foreground.png’) Read the rest…

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Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Stocker showcases Dojo

Category: Dojo, Showcase

SitePen has created Stocker “which demonstrates some of the more advanced capabilities of Dojo, including the newly released DataChart, the DataGrid, Data Store, Comet, Persevere, and BorderContainer. SitePen is also offering a one-day workshop where you will learn how to create Stocker yourself, but I’m here to give you a sneak peak of what Stocker Read the rest…

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Q42 Multiplayer Game Engine Open Sourced

Category: Chat, Games

Martin Kool of Q42 let us know that his company decided to open source the Q42 multiplayer engine which is “a lightweight, generic multi-user solution, allowing developers to create their own browser-based application or game over port 80.” The engine is written in C# on the backend, and of course, JavaScript on the front end. Read the rest…

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Palm Pre at Web 2.0 Expo

Category: JavaScript, Mobile

Close to 5pm, and you started to see a huge snaky line making its way to the keynote area where Palm was about to have a reception and short announcement. People were jazzed to hear more about the Pre, and Michael Abbott was there to open up access to developers: Today, Palm expanded the Mojo Read the rest…

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Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

JsContext to make your JsUnitTest look purty

Category: JavaScript, Testing

Christian Johansen was sick of testNewUserWithClownShoesShouldSqueak code in his unit tests, so he took some inspiration from the Ruby Shoulda and Context frameworks and wrote JsContext which allows you to write: < View plain text > javascript new Test.Unit.Runner({     "A new User": JsContext({         "with clown shoes": JsContext({     Read the rest…

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Building a triple click

Category: JavaScript, Library

Brandon Aaron has a nice article on building a special event for triple clicking on an element using jQuery. To illustrate the API I’m going to create a new event type called “tripleclick”. To be fired it will require the user click the element three times. If we were to make this a typical jQuery Read the rest…

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Web April Fools

Category: Editorial

Ah, that time of year is here again. The day of the “Microsoft bought us” jape. Are there some good’uns this year? The early chaps who jumped the line a touch were the smashing magazine people talking about IE 8.1, all with WebKit/Gecko integration, fast JavaScript, CSS 3 support, and more. Then Opera does something Read the rest…

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