Friday, September 18th, 2009

Vanadium: Semantic client side validation

Category: JavaScript, Library

Vanadium is a new client side validator that allows you to set semantic validation logic via the class attribute. The main page has examples such as: < View plain text > HTML <input class=":required" type="text"/> <input class=":integer" type="text"/> <input class=":length;4" type="text"/> <input class=":min_length;4" type="text"/> <input class=":format;/^(vanadium)+$/i" type="text"/> <input id="pass" class=":ajax;/username_checker/check.json" type="text"/> <input id="pass" class=":email" type="text"/> Read the rest…

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Thursday, September 17th, 2009

YUI 2.8.0 – Local Storage wrapper, better Flash interaction, crossdomain connections and progress bars

Category: Flash, JavaScript, Storage, Yahoo!, YUI

Yahoo this week announced the new release of the Yahooo User Interface library. This is great because it answers the question if the 2.x library is still being maintained whilst 3.0 is out and buzzing. The detailed release notes for YUI 2.8.0 show that there is indeed a lot of maintenance and improvement still being Read the rest…

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Talk like a Pirate day is coming! Here’s a script to join the fun

Category: Fun

This Saturday, the 19th of September is once again talk like a pirate day and there is a terribly easy way this year to turn your boring ol’ site into a swashbuckling Piratespeak one. Simply include the following script node at the end of your body element: < View plain text > xml <script src=""></script> Read the rest…

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Walking through an HTML5 blog site

Category: HTML

Edward O’Connor has created a nice tutorial of HTML5 through the lens of his blog site use case. The HTML5 spec introduces several new sectioning elements to HTML: <article>, <section>, <header> & <footer>, <nav>, <aside>, and <hgroup>. There’s widespread confusion about when to use these elements. I’d like to write a little bit about these Read the rest…

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Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Doloto, the JavaScript optimizer, released by Microsoft Research

Category: JavaScript, Microsoft, Performance

We posted on Doloto, the Microsoft Research project to help optimize JavaScript via code splitting. Ben Livshits and his team have now released the tool: Doloto is an Ajax application optimization tool, especially useful for large and complex Web 2.0 applications that contain a lot of code, such as Bing Maps, Hotmail, etc. Doloto analyzes Read the rest…

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Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

WAMI lets you add speech recognition to any web page

Category: Accessibility

Andrew Sutherland is giving a presentation at The Ajax Experience tomorrow at 9:30am where he will announce the availability of WAMI (Web-Accessible Multimodal Applications). WAMI is a project out of MIT that lets you plug voice recognition directly into a javascript powered page, and optionally record+save audio files of people talking. There are a couple Read the rest…

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First sign of WebGL lands in WebKit

Category: 3D, Games

Jeffrey Rosen has taken a look at a preview of WebGL landing in the WebKit project. The demo above is an example of this work (here in HD): WebGL is basically an initiative to bring 3D graphics into web browsers natively, without having to download any plugins. This is achieved by adding a few things Read the rest…

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Sprite Me! How to do CSS sprites without having to do CSS sprites

Category: CSS, Performance

Steve Souders is on a tare. First, Browserscope, and now Sprite Me. There are a lot of tools that try to take images and sprite them, but this goes a lot further, so far that it makes it brain-dead simple to sprite. Check out the demo to see it in action. Look at what it Read the rest…

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Monday, September 14th, 2009

BrowserScope: UAProfiler++, Crowd source browser tests

Category: Browsers, Performance, Testing

We are good friends with Steve Souders, but his UA Profiler just got beaten by something much better: BrowserScope. Fortunately for him, he and a new team are the ones who beat it :) Lindsey Simon says it best: Browserscope is an open-source project for profiling web browsers and storing and aggregating crowd-sourced data about Read the rest…

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Friday, September 11th, 2009

Why I’m Done Making Desktop Applications

Category: Editorial

Patrick Mckenzie has written an interesting editorial comparing his life as a desktop developer and a Web one. He talks about an application that he has traditionally sold as a desktop app, and how it is faring on the Web. Bingo Card Creator is the application in question, and he has strong opinions :) Over Read the rest…

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Thursday, September 10th, 2009

SVG Web: Making SVG work in IE and beyond

Category: SVG

I was excited to work with Brad Neuberg at Google. He is a pragmatic champion of the Open Web; a “do-er”. In the past we have seen his work wrangling the browsers via Really Simple History and Dojo Storage. This time, we get the fierce Owlbear. That is the code name for the latest release Read the rest…

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Formaldehyde: PHP debug info for the client side

Category: Debugging, PHP

Andrea Giammarchi has released Formaldehyde, a new Ajax and PHP error debugger. Simply grab the project and throw in an inclusion: < View plain text > php < ?php require_once ‘formaldehyde.php’; ?> You are off to the races. Want to do a touch more? // *optional* custom ServerError constructor function ServerError(e){ for(var key in e) Read the rest…

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Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Getting hyper about JSON namespacing

Category: JSON

Kris Zyp, JSON hero, has been cooking up some more good stuff on his path to reinventing a new path to all. In JSON namespacing he discusses JSON Hyper Schema which aims to cure JSON from XML namespacing colon cancer. JSON Hyper Schemas can be referenced from instances by Link headers or media type parameters. Read the rest…

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Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Prototype 1.6.1; Speed up, clean up, and team up

Category: JavaScript, Prototype

Congratulations to Andrew Dupont and Tobie Langel (new official co-lead of Prototype-core) on the new 1.6.1 release: Full compatibility with new browsers. This version of Prototype fully supports versions 1.0 and higher of Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer 8 in both compatibility mode and super-standards mode. Element metadata storage. Easily associate JavaScript key/value pairs with Read the rest…

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Kamaloka: AMQP implementation in JS

Category: Comet, JavaScript

Would you like to talk messaging directly from the browser? Kamaloka is a new library that speaks AMQP. You can easily tie to Orbited but also, in theory, any other library that speaks TCPSockets. < View plain text > javascript Orbited.settings.port = 9000;    amqp_broker_port = 7000;      amqp_conn = amqp.Connection({host: ‘localhost’,     Read the rest…

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Monday, September 7th, 2009

Raphaël 1.0 RC; Get your graphics on

Category: SVG

There have been a fair number of graphics library abstractions, but Raphaël is very elegant indeed, and a first release candidate for the 1.0 release is now here: The path method syntax has been changed: Instead of r.path({attributes}, pathString) you should write r.path(pathString).attr(attributes). That makes path more consistent with other methods; Path methods moveTo, lineTo, Read the rest…

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