Thursday, January 1st, 2009

2010 to be a great year for Ajaxians

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2009 was a solid year. Progress was made in the depth and breadth of the platform as we saw:


The IE6 frustration is far from gone, but the tide is moving and we now see fantastic browsers with decent share. We may get Firefox 4, Safari 5, Chrome 73 (they like to bump versions quickly don’t they) and even IE 9 if we are lucky. All with rich standards support, fantastic performance that goes beyond the JS runtime to areas such as the DOM, network layer, and GPU acceleration throughout.

Folks got excited to hear Microsoft talking about Canvas, but it was limited. IE with Canvas support will be fantastic and we hope it happens. Silverlight team…. turn around and let the IE team do their thing.

Developer Tools

Firebug has done well for us, but we need more. This year we got a lot of great new tools. From fantastic add-ons to Firebug itself, to WebKit Inspector improvements, to Chrome developer tools. We finally get the ability to look at memory (in Chrome and Firefox) and the black box is broken. To top it off we get Speed Tracer which I expect to see supported in more than Chrome in 2010 (already in WebKit, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was working in IE).

Ubiquitous JavaScript

JavaScript is going everywhere. With efforts such as CommonJS we saw the server side JS community come together to make sure that we don’t have 15 File APIs! Narwhal and Jack are doing well, but we then saw the explosion of the awesome node.js for event I/O. A community has grown around Node, and I expect 2010 to push hard in this area.


How could I not mention mobile? There are more mobile SDKs than I have had hot dinners, yet many of the smart phones have something in common…. a Web stack. 2010 will push hard here too, and will be a turning point for the Web. It is our contention (which is why Ben and I are at Palm) that the Web can be a unifying platform for devices and platforms. As a consumer it is fun to think about all of the devices in the near future. I want my watch, my glasses, my mobile device, [insert every other device] to be connected… but how, as developers, are we going to program all of these? The Web has a way to go …. but a huge community with large companies are pushing hard, and I think that we will soon look down and say “oh wait, this is actually an awesome platform!”

“HTML5” may not fully be here in 2010, but it will be a lot closer and we will have many more APIs that we can start using as they are implemented by browsers. WebSockets. Canvas 3D. Keep it coming!

What are you excited for in 2010? The date feels futuristic, so we have to make that a reality. Above all of course, I hope you all had a great 2009, and look forward to a passionate, enjoyable, rewarding 2010. Cheers.

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Do you guys know when and where the Ajaxian 2010 conference will be held this year?


Comment by nmiddleweek — January 3, 2010

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