Thursday, January 5th, 2006

24 Eyes: Ajaxian RSS Dashboard

Category: Portal, Showcase

Kevin Rose of said “man, recently we keep seeing more and more portals out as Ajax examples”.

Well, we have another one with 24 Eyes.

Special features of include:

  • RSS Dashboard with at-a-glance news overview
  • Web 2.0 user interface with instant personalization
  • Multi-country services with local content
  • Preconfigured content with 200+ catalogs
  • Social network services and dashboard sharing

24 Eyes

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:24 pm

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I nominate 24eyes as the ugliest ajax site evar.

Comment by David Davis — January 5, 2006

I like the idea, but gah the execution – the menus don’t work for me in OSX Firefox, adding custom feeds is a pain in the neck, and the feed presentation is really not good.

There’s also no OPML

This isn’t much of a showcase for Ajax

Comment by Alex Bosworth — January 5, 2006

It doesn’t work on Safari… And there is a lot of bugs on Firefox & Camino. I agree it’s really ugly

Comment by Denis — January 5, 2006

Really like 24eyes. Well conceived. Well executed.
I hope they keep it free.
PS. OPML is supported

Comment by Jack Bernard — January 5, 2006

No, you’re wrong. It’s an “*Ajax* RSS Dashboard”. I’m getting sick of you branding your name on everything Ajax-related. The technology is not called “Ajaxian”, stop trying to make it so!

Comment by Logan Kriete — January 5, 2006

24 Eyes is ugly.

Comment by kourge — January 6, 2006

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