Friday, April 24th, 2009

280Slides, Cappuccino, Atlas, and Aristo

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Francisco Tolmasky presented on the latest goodies from 280North at JSConf. In the past we’ve given the 280North guys a bad time for talking about 280Slides and their other stuff using… Keynote. I don’t know if he used Keynote at JSConf, but Francisco published the slides using the 280Slides web-based presentation viewer, which is also embeddable:

(We like the embedded viewer, but did they have to make it swallow common keystrokes? On Firefox OS X, once we embed this IFrame, APPLE-W makes the slide turn white. 10 points for a cool feature, -100 points for hijacking the browser in this context.)

The slides make for a good review of Cappuccino but just include brief mentions of the other interesting bits, such as the new Aristo theme designed by SOFA and the amazing Atlas.

Fortunately, there is a recent video of a talk by Francisco on March 30 to the CocoaHeads user group:


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When have we ever used Keynote during our presentations? The only non-280Slides presenter we’ve ever used is PowerPoint (running in XP on Parallels no less) to dog food our powerpoint export feature. Both at JSConf and in the Cocoaheads video here I’m using 280 Slides running in the excellent PlainView full screen browser ( )

Comment by tolmasky — April 24, 2009

I used Keynote during the one presentation Ben saw us give live (wdn), but it too was exported from 280 Slides (and I didn’t have Parallels to run PowerPoint). We like to mix it up.

As for the 280 Slides viewer, two things:

1) it only takes keystrokes when it is focused. click away and it works just fine again. and it only defaults to focused in Firefox (will look into).

2) the command-w thing is actually just a bug in Cappuccino which was fixed in the 0.6 release, but which never got updated in the Viewer application. we’re working on a new version of the viewer for 0.7, so that will be fixed soon enough

Comment by rboucher — April 24, 2009

Slides don’t show up properly here — Firefox 3.5 nightly, Ubuntu 8.10.

Comment by andysky — April 24, 2009

Correction: Some slides. They have gray areas.

Comment by andysky — April 24, 2009

@andysky Is it possible you just needed to wait a bit for the images to load? If you’re paging through pretty quickly you may go faster than the images are coming in.

Comment by rboucher — April 24, 2009

I saw that parts of Aristo are being integrated into Cappuccino; have the Aristo source files been released yet?

Comment by mnutt — April 24, 2009

@mnutt they will be released alongside 0.7, which should be in the next two or three weeks.

Comment by rboucher — April 24, 2009

Working on the iPhone, I’m realizing just how much I don’t like Objective-C. Rather, I like it in theory, but not in practice. It is dreadfully wordy, and it’s not a wordiness that helps readability or comprehension. A nightmare compared to Python or Ruby.

As a result, I’ve found myself moving more and more to a mix of about 5% Objective-C (for dealing with the iPhone APIs) and 95% ANSI C.

Now, the problem with C is it doesn’t have all the nice JavaScript pieces I’m used to, such as creating objects and arrays on the fly, and, of course, JSON.

So when I look at Objective-J, what goes through my mind is yeah, I should try this, but I know what I’ll end up doing is using 5% Objective-J (to deal with the Cappuccino and Atlas APIs) and 95% JavaScript.

But maybe that’s not so bad.

Comment by Nosredna — April 25, 2009

yeah the stuff they’ve built looks awesome but Objective-J looked pretty yuck. still I guess they had to make it in order to port all the Apple stuff to the web

Comment by blueskiwi — April 25, 2009

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