Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

3D Canvas Demos in 2D Canvas

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Paul Baukus pointed us to an English translation of some of the amazing stuff he saw in his recent trip to Japan. In this case, it’s an emulation of 3D rendering in canvas’ 2D context:

This stuff is CPU intensive, but is a pretty nice example of what’s possible.

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 4:00 am

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Reminds me of the techniques papervision 3d uses for flash ;)

Looks good.

Comment by V1 — February 25, 2009

V1 … the library is called papervision indeed :D
I can’t believe few days ago I asked another developer to start the Sandy Engine porting into Canvas ’cause papervision 3D was too big to transform and here Japan is with what I was planning to do realized. 5 stars!

Comment by WebReflection — February 25, 2009

impressive work, but why do we have to torture your CPUs with this? What about Canvas 3d. There is already a Firefox plugin. How much longer will it take the Webkit and Gecko team to integrate Canvas 3d natively?

Comment by AndiSkater — February 25, 2009

Does not seem to be working for FF 3.0.6 on Ubuntu 8.10

Comment by rjsteinertiii — February 25, 2009

Only demo 3 seems to be working anymore :( . Tested on FF 3 and Chrome on XP.

Comment by tj111 — February 25, 2009

Demo 1 works well, if a bit slowly. Demo 2 seems to be offline. Demo 3 has some cool reflections but the movement is really twitchy. It’s very cool though.

Comment by starkraving — February 25, 2009

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