Friday, March 9th, 2007

3D Friday with Ajax3D

Category: Canvas

For this weeks 3D Friday we show Ajax3D a simple open source 3D engine written by Eben Upton that uses the HTML canvas tag for output.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:33 am

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Right mouse button seems to be bring up the context menu in FF2 on Linux. Other than that, quite awesome!

Comment by Andy — March 9, 2007

Nice. It’s actually a remake of my favourite game on Amiga platform, the Virus. This only runs on much smoother framerate. Very nice.

Comment by Temposaur — March 9, 2007

It’s called Lander due to the fact that it is a very nice reproduction of the original Acorn Archimedes (later RISC PC) demo/game – that later became Virus on other platforms (Atari, Amiga, PC).

Quite a good choice for the demo of Ajax3D – as, if I remember correctly, the demo on the Arc was writen in BASIC :-)

Comment by Dave Probert — March 9, 2007

BTW, I have a feeling (memory levels are a bit low :) ) that the Lander demo was originally written by David Braben – the author of the original Elite game (BBC Micro).

It’s great to see that computers have speeded up to the level where we can write stuff that was ‘difficult’ way back in the early 80’s in our browser scripting languages now :) :) :)

Comment by Dave Probert — March 9, 2007

neat! speed and look is like ZEAWOLF on my old Amiga600 =)

Comment by ajaxianer — March 9, 2007

Cool stuff… however, I’m not sure why it has ‘ajax’ in the name… does it have anything to do with XHR?

Comment by pablo — March 12, 2007

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