Friday, August 18th, 2006

5 Real World Ajax Examples

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In this new post from today, there’s a list of “5 real world examples” of Ajax usage out there on the internet today.

Recently AJAX has come to the forefront as the next “buzzword complaint” thing on the internet. Sometimes it seems that in order to be taken seriously, your site has to have some kind AJAX functionality built in. But, much like Flash and other such tools, AJAX should be used sparingly to compliment the design, function and content of a website — not dominate it. With this ethos in mind, I’d like to take a look at a few sites that use AJAX correctly, in hopes that other developers may do the same.

The five places he lists are:

  • In Place Submission
  • Malleable Content
  • Sliders and Other Controls
  • Draggable Content
  • Suggestions

Though no doubt anyone who’s been paying attention to the way the web has been working recently will know what each of these is about, he explains what they are and some sites they’ve been used on (comeplete with screenshot/animated GIF examples).

He does remind all developer out there of a good point – one that I think is getting more settled in now that the initial Ajax shock is wearing off:

This isn’t to say that extra goodies like a killer design won’t help you — they obviously will — but they aren’t strong enough to support the site on their own. Think of the extra goodies as the special features on a DVD.

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For the most part they are right. Ajax in the real world is still becoming understood, but I don’t think they mentioned the auto-loading picture galleryes that load from a database based on when you click.

Comment by Ruby on Rails — August 18, 2006

‘Draggable Content’ – is the most interesting future as it closes user back to real world of ‘physics’. Just comment.

Comment by tobto — August 20, 2006

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Comment by fghfgh — September 1, 2006

this is only a test

Comment by boss — November 25, 2006

Ajax, is really very interesting and amazing technology , :)

Comment by Hassan — February 25, 2007

we appreciate any live examples.

Comment by india animation — March 2, 2007

We have used your tutorials in our website.thanks
VB Project A Team

Comment by Kumar — May 2, 2007

i tried it with PHP + Mysql
but it fails with huge data fetch
thus whats to do is my question

Comment by suyog kale — May 3, 2007

Thanks a lot

Comment by John Zukowski — June 7, 2007

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