Friday, July 20th, 2007

64 Squares: jQuery Chess

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64 is a completely free, fully featured and easy to use online chess site with a clean simple interface.

Users can play opponents in real-time by dragging and dropping the pieces just like a real chess board. Ajax is used to make your moves on the opponent’s board and vice versa.

We are trying to blur the distinction between real-time online play and correspondence chess. If a user is not online when a move is made, they are sent an email.

Other features:

  • Customize board color
  • In game chat
  • Take-backs
  • Avatars
  • Implementation of ELO Ranking
  • Email Notification is built using Ruby on Rails and jQuery. It also uses Juggernaut (a ruby on rails plugin) to remove the need for polling to improve responsiveness and ease future scaling.

More info:

Posted by Dion Almaer at 3:53 am

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Nice! I like a game of chess from time to time…

Comment by Gilles — July 20, 2007

Wow~~ It’s must be popular。 I’ll try this

Comment by Avenger.K.Bevis — July 20, 2007

Sure, it is interesting as an implementation of rails, but as an avid player I would prefer to play at the free internet chess server (, which is telnet based with a variety of GUI clients available.

Comment by Ahsan — July 21, 2007

@Ahsan: You should contact the developer directly with your suggestions. I’m sure he’d be interested in improving his service instead of hearing about how you like another server better.

Comment by Rey Bango — July 23, 2007

@Rey. Sure. FICS is just my personal preference as a player.

Comment by Ahsan — July 23, 2007

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