Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

AjaxMyTop: MySQL Monitor

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We’ve seen in-browser SQL, a database administrator, and even a database designer. Now there’s a database monitor…

AjaxMyTop shows active MySQL connections. You get a data grid showing connections, each showing ID, user, duration, and so on. Periodic Refresh ensures the connections are kept fresh, and you can easily set the refresh period in an input field. Being a true data grid, the connection list can be sorted and filtered on one or more fields. In a nice touch, the column heading morphs to include a text input when you want to type in a filter for that column. It’s nice to see keyboard shortcuts here, certainly a feature every DBA will welcome.

Right now it looks to be read-only … hopefully the team will add a “destroy connection” button real soon now!

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 11:06 am

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[…] Buscando un poco en la red encontré en el blog de Ajaxian la herramienta que estaba necesitando. Un monitor de MySQL en Ajax (AjaxMyTop) que muestra periódicamente el estado actual de todas las conexiones a una base de datos. Es una herramienta muy sencilla que recién se esta comenzando a desarrollar (versión 0.1) pero que tiene un gran futuro. […]

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We actually have the ability to kill threads in the latest release. There might be a bug with the display, but you can kill threads by pressing “k” and then entering the thread ID.

Comment by groovecoder — January 27, 2006

Glad you guys like it, groove coder and I worked hard at making it
work well with XML while keeping performance.


Comment by brett (marisdgs team member) — January 27, 2006

Someone AJAXified mytop!

Check this out. Someone has built and AJAX powered version of mytop, the little console based MySQL monitoring tool I wrote years ago. I guess it’s now buzzword compliant. If you can’t wait to get your hands on it, head over to the AjaxMyTop project…

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[…]   […]

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The above comment is just comment spam.

Comment by Xaprb — July 9, 2006


mytop is a very valuable tool for mysql. It’s essentially a unix top command but for mysql threads. Recently created and bringing the same data to your web browser is the Ajax-ified version AjaxMyTop. Way cool!

Trackback by /sys/adm/log — July 23, 2006

mytop is a handy little program for monitoring MySQL queries that we’ve used in the past on a couple of our boxes so I decided to fire up this AJAX version and see how it fared.

Comment by Bunnyvibrator — June 27, 2007

Good application and good article. But i raise my hand for monyog always which i found as best application to monitor mysql and get best out of it.

Comment by maradona — October 23, 2008

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