Saturday, November 17th, 2007

“A fast guy in tights and a movie about Coffee”

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Dilbert on Ajax

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:23 pm

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JavaScript has definitely arrived when it’s featured in Dilbert.

Comment by Dean Edwards — November 17, 2007

That actually bought out a chuckle.

Comment by Anirudh — November 17, 2007

@Anirudh: Yeah, me too.

Comment by Andy — November 17, 2007

I’d like to see what he’d do with Python or Ruby on Rails…

Comment by BookWise — November 17, 2007

great stuff. …Scott Adams was an AT&T employee I believe…

Comment by Mark Holton — November 17, 2007

Dilbert is always soooo true…

Comment by mg — November 17, 2007

@Dean: notice the Flash reference and the order, though. :(

Comment by Olmo Maldonado — November 17, 2007

I had to read that twice in order to get it. Losing my touch.

Comment by Steve — November 17, 2007

now I understood what is “a movie about coffee”, but what does the last big IF mean?

Comment by chenggn — November 17, 2007

I get it, he wants a spell checker! :P

Comment by chenggn — November 17, 2007

someone says “coffee” is java and the “guy in tight” is flash.

but I thought the “guy in tight” is his programer, and “a movie about coffee” means his programmer works all night with coffee, looks like a movie.

Comment by chenggn — November 17, 2007

chenggn, the IF isn’t part of the joke, he was just empowering the IF (like shouting it…)

haha that was a good one btw :-)

Comment by Web Design NY — November 17, 2007

To state the obvious, the “IF” is absolutely part of the joke. The manager (or whoever he is) still thinks he is correct even though dilbert corrected him.

Comment by Peter Hellberg — November 18, 2007

@chenggn: Failboat. JavaScript = Java Script = Coffee Script = Script about Coffee = Movie about Coffee. Guy in Tights = Flash Gordon

Comment by Gavin — November 18, 2007


You would be wrong about that, Flash = (Current continuity)

Comment by Artheos — November 18, 2007

@Gavin: The Flash, not Flash Gordon.

Comment by Matt — November 19, 2007

FYI: Flash Gordon also wore tights ;)

Comment by Dustin Diaz — November 19, 2007

Yeah, but he wasn’t fast :-)

Comment by Shane — November 19, 2007

Flash.. ah-hah… defender, of the universe

Go on, try and get that song out of your head :-)

Comment by Dan F — November 19, 2007

Wow, geeks over analyzing a joke and still finding it… um… humorous… once finally getting it, even with the whole timing thing out the window – CAL(chuckle a litte) :). I loved it even though it, um, took me a moment. Wonder what your average non-geek thinks of it?

Comment by Eric — November 19, 2007

@Eric: They probably get it quicker. We’re too used to “Flash” and “JavaScript” having actual meaning to get puns on the literal terms.

Comment by Trevor — November 19, 2007

@Peter Hellberg, I knew he was still thinking he was right but it was obvious so I didn’t think it’s part of the joke but you’re right, my bad.

Comment by Web Design NY — November 25, 2007

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