Thursday, May 4th, 2006

A “Hello World” with Ajax and JDeveloper

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Oracle developers out there, rejoice – the Oracle Technology Network site has posted a new tutorial on how you can use Ajax in comination with the JDeveloper software you’ve probably already used.

By the end of this how-to, you will have developed a Web page that reads its data from a servlet on the server, using a CSS style sheet to establish alternating background colors for the retrieved data rows. An input text field allows you to provide your input to the printed message. Download a complete Oracle JDeveloper 10.1.3 workspace here.

They screenshot each step of the way, making it simple to follow and, with the help of the JDeveloper point and click interface, copy and paste the HTML/Javascript they give you to make a simple application. The app grabs the contents of a basic text file and displays them.

The simple application is then built upon, altered to use a HTTP Serverlet to make the content a bit more dynamic. Thi scomined with a CSS style sheet makes a color-coded response possible. In the final part of the tutorial, they demonstrate how to take the code you’ve already created and make it work more asynchronously.

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Comment by wenjinhe — May 8, 2006


Comment by wenjinhe — May 8, 2006

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