Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

A JavaScript Ode to the Large Hadron Collider

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Jacob Seidelin has honoured the folks at CERN who will be “pushing the button tomorrow morning to fire up the Large Hadron Collider, the largest particle accelerator ever built” by creating a perfect simulation of what is going on.

Try not to destroy the world as you play with it.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:19 am

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I have a hard time believing—or coping with—the fact that people are taking this so lightly. Yeah, jokes about destroying the world are fun and stuff, but a little bittersweet when we don’t really know if it’s possible and the scientists behind it don’t know either.

Comment by eyelidlessness — September 10, 2008

Lookout! It’s a mini black hole!

@eyelidlessness… smoke another, dude.

Comment by holts — September 10, 2008

Guys, I’m not sure doing something like this is safe. I’ve heard experts say that these sort of simulations can quite possibly swallow up the entire internets.

Also, science rocks!

Comment by jseidelin — September 10, 2008

From what I have read, it’s not as stupid as it may sound, even though I don’t really agree with it, even one iota.. but the notion is that if we press on, and figure out a viable way of creating ‘dangerous’ black holes that wont require unrealistic amounts of power, then some nutcase nation will start to play around with the idea of creating some sort of weapons technology around it, and they might succeed.
Historically, it’s not very unlikely.
What is unlikely, is the assumption that nuclear weapons was the end of the road, that this was the last ‘big’ weapons technology to come out of physics.
As our knowledge of physics progress, weapons will eventually follow.
This line of thinking would suggest that we should cancel science alltogether to stay safe, and this is where the argument kinda falls apart in my view.
– We can’t do that!
What if we invent a timemachine?
The most likely outcome is our destruction by temporal paradoxes, like som X-men comic gone mad..
Being the smartest being on this planet makes for a really dangerous journey, but this is the way it has always been.
Like Darth Vader said.. “It’s your destiny..”

Comment by Mikael Bergkvist — September 10, 2008

Why is it when someone with a Medical Degree tells you that you need surgery you take his word for it. When a Chemist tells you that Ammonia will kill you, you believe him. When an Engineer tells you that a Building will survive an earthquake you believe him. So on and so on. But when the Physics community with countless years of experience tell you that the LHC will not destroy the earth you all of a sudden know better than they do?

But anyway, I like the simplicity/humor of the Canvas simulation and the bounce effect is a nice addition.

Comment by TNO — September 10, 2008

terrible graphics… I don’t like this.

Comment by webflake — September 11, 2008

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