Monday, November 14th, 2005

A-Tree: Amazon Catalog in a dynamic tree component

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amazon ajax tree
Veerendra Shivhare has made an interesting “live tree” view of Amazon’s entire product catalog. He expanded upon the JSCookTree component so that each level of the tree retrieves Amazon product data in the background.

Its an interesting way to view Amazon’s catalog, and illustrates what you can do by extending a plain javascript component with Ajax. (It also blows my mind to see how huge Amazon has gotten – I remember when they just had books!)

Posted by Rob Sanheim at 3:14 pm

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Congratulations Veerendra, good job!
I found hundreds links to your Amazon Catalog page even in BLOGs… even at Apache…

Can you publish some details too? It seems that client uses direct connection to Amazon SOAP…

Comment by Wild Dancer — November 18, 2005

WebLogs & Google Bombs

As an example of Google bombing, if a user registers many domains and all of them link to a main site with the text “… is a living legend” then searching for “living legend” on Google will return the main site higher in the ranking, even if the phrase “living legend” doesn’t appear on the main site. A common means of exploiting this is through weblogs………….

Comment by Wild Dancer — November 21, 2005

kewl work mate!!


Comment by Ashok Karkera — November 29, 2005

[…] […]

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