Thursday, July 17th, 2008

A tutorial on Prototype, Google Maps API and the HeatMapAPI

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Heat Map API

Jeffrey Barke has written up a tutorial detailing how to create a density map with Prototype, the Google Maps API and the HeatMapAPI.

The heat map API looks cool indeed, and that piece of code looks simple:


  1. addHeatMap: function() {
  2. var heatMap = new GEOHeatmap();
  3. heatMap.Init(this.width, this.height);
  4. heatMap.SetData(;
  5. var preUrl = heatMap.GetURL();
  6. var heatmapOverlay = new HMGoogleOverlay(preUrl);
  8. }

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:32 am

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Where do we find the tutorial? (URL missing?)

Comment by phroggar — July 17, 2008


Comment by phroggar — July 17, 2008

@Phroggar, thank you for finding the link.

Again Dion demonstrates a complete incompetence when it comes to publishing articles. Thankfully we have a skilled team of commentators who can decipher the few words he throws together and provide worthwhile information to the rest of us. It’s sad that these things are consistently left out of articles as it reflects poorly on Ajaxian.

Comment by seancallan — July 17, 2008

“Again Dion demonstrates a complete incompetence…”
Sorry, Sean, maybe I’m lost here. Could you clarify?

Last time I looked at it, Dion manages the #1 ajax news source with great satisfaction for the majority of readers, while you keep an unknown blog that takes negative (white) space to the next level. Perhaps it was a poor choice of words?

Comment by icoloma — July 17, 2008

@icoloma: indeed seancallan is being overly dramatic. However, there has been numerous times where the link to an external resource was either missing or hard to find (like just linking a photo, in another recent post). Certainly not the end of the world, and by no means “complete incompetence”, but definitely a little frustrating.

Comment by jonathansnook — July 17, 2008

Try to be happy for the effort Dion puts into this blog and please remember its a free service they provide here.
So seancallan if you have to give criticism then please be more constructive or get your info else where if its such a HUGE problem for you!

Comment by Iumentum — July 17, 2008

@seancallan That’s a little bit harsh don’t you think? We (the Ajaxian writers) always try hard to provide consistent and interesting news to the readers. We’re bound to make mistakes (I know I have) and for you to come down on Dion in that way for missing a link is really inappropriate.

We certainly listen to all feedback but honestly your comment is really over the top.

Comment by Rey Bango — July 17, 2008

Very interesting, good job :)
+1 for the use of Prototype (though it appears to be used primarily for event binding and ajax calls, so you could take the idea and apply it to other frameworks with ease)


Comment by jdalton — July 17, 2008

the heat is not moved with the map on drag. I think it is very confusing.

Comment by locdev — July 18, 2008

Here’s a server-side solution that generates heat map tiles for Google Maps:

Comment by npomerleau — May 28, 2012

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