Thursday, July 20th, 2006

A Web 2.0 WTF from TheDailyWTF

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Just a quick one to add a little humor into your Ajax coding experience from The Daily WTF:

The story tells the tale of an effort to get a new CMS at a company, one that was a bit more Web 2.0. Of course, the maker of the CMS didn’t quite think of the implications of those with less than stellar connections and, well, you’ll just need to read to understand the complete “makes me want to slap someone stupid” moment that comes later.


Posted by Chris Cornutt at 6:54 am
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Where people do Web 2.0 for the sake of doing Web 2.0 it gets useless. Please people don’t use Ajax just to be able to brag about it…

Comment by Snyke — July 20, 2006

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