Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

A WordPress Ajax Shoutbox

Category: Ajax

From the developer that brought us the Ajax Periodic Table of the Elements, comes a WordPress plugin for adding an ajax-enabled “shoutbox” to your site, allowing users to communicate real-time as their viewing the site.

This WordPress plugin adds live chat functionality to your WordPress blog. Your visitors can chat with eachother right in your website without refreshing their browsers. It’s almost like chatting on an instant messenging network! And it’s all powered by AJAX, a hot new old technology that powers things like Gmail, Google Maps, and other brilliant web apps. Now, you can get a piece of all this in your own blog! This plugin makes it very easy. Just follow the simple instructions and you should be okay.

The plugin, already in version 1.16, has a multitude of features, including integration with the WordPress admin panel (and user logins for the site), presentation of the box in valid XHTML strict, translation of “http://” strings automatically to links, and, of course, the benefit of the comment history of previous posters as stored in a database.

It’s a a pretty slick little plugin, and seems to integrate well with a normal WordPress install (version 1.5 and higher). It’s simple to install and comes with complete instructions on getting the box set up where you need it. The last update was made back in the end of last year (2005), so no word on future development.

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 9:03 am

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I find shoutboxes annoying (Ajax or not), and see no purpose in them. If I need to contact a blogger I’d email or comment.

The main use of a shoutbox is plugging; which wasn’t the original point.

Comment by Joe Anderson — March 15, 2006

I think they’re helpful. I run a site for my sports league, and as a registered user you can see a shoutbox when you log in. We can let each other (read: everybody) know when we have a court reserved without having to email multiple people. And some of these guys wouldn’t know what IM was if it hit them in the face. We also don’t have to necessarily call the gym to find out if “Jim” did end up getting the court on Thursday night, so long as he gives a shout out on the box.

I think the shoutbox can be quite useful, if implemented correctly. I do agree that they will attract a bunch of losers if just thrown on a site “because it’s cool”.

And for the record, I find immense google ad towers on website sidebars pretty annoying – especially when they’re placed above other, possibly more relevant links. But that’s just me.

Comment by ryan — March 17, 2006

Jalenack’s Wordspew contains several SQL injection vulnerabilities. I’m maintaining a newer fork, with these bugs fixed, at this address:

Comment by Rudd-O — March 17, 2006

I use this shoutbox at the top of my page as a way to give visitors a live update. I just simply log in and submit my message, and it jumps right on the page. I do not use this as a regular shoutbox, since I agree with the others and say that it is pointless having a shoutbox.

Comment by Dennis — March 17, 2006


Comment by jazz — March 27, 2006

When you reload site the special signs lik æ ø å ö ä are not displayed correctly. Any ideas why?

Comment by Peter Pan — March 27, 2006

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Comment by top notebook computers — March 31, 2006

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Comment by ranked by search engines — March 31, 2006

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Comment by smoking — April 16, 2006

Hey rudd-o, the archive tar.gz download on your site for your “famed” wordspew revision is corrupt. No one can unzip it. Update the file. It’s been days. I am not impressed with your lack of response to this very obvious problem.

Comment by Logan — May 11, 2006

Hi, i suggest that you have a try on the latest version of the shoutbox on my blog because i add some stuff to fight spammers and i think that it will be really harder for them to bypass all the filters.

Comment by Pierre — May 18, 2006

Hi all,
I used this shoutbox, latest version is (3.52), and thanks to Pierre for hard work. It’s very usable, since all of my friend easily spoke out.

Just got it.

Comment by Kardjo — October 28, 2007

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