Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

A/B testing your Cohorts with Google Analytics result views

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The code above shows you exactly how you could run a test that shows either a large, or small clickable header… and gives you A/B results on how many were clicked.

This is all view a new library called Cohorts by James Yu:

Cohorts is a simple, purely javascript, multivariate testing framework.

It allows you to easily run split tests for visitors on your site, showing them different designs, layouts, or whatever you want. Cohorts also allows you to track interesting events that occur for each of the cohorts. By default, it uses Google Analytics event tracking to store data, but you can customize it to use your own or another.

Very nice.

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Sounds similar to the Google Website Optimizer.

Comment by Slartibardfast — June 8, 2010

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