Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Accessible Ajax Best Practices

Category: Accessibility

Access Matters has wrapped up an article on Today’s AJAX and DHTML Best Practices:

This article builds a sturdy three legged stool which we can stand upon to see farther. Before getting started, I want to set the stage by defining a benchmark. Accessibility’s worst case scenarios are for blind people. The blind are the hardest to accommodate. Some might think that too much attention is paid the blind when there are so many other disabilities, let alone so many more people when the wide range is counted, but the facts are that the others are easier to accommodate. Ensuring good access for the blind is the hardest challenge and therefore the benchmark.

NOTE: Becky Gibson wrote the last article, and will be presenting on these ideas at The Ajax Experience!

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Ajaxian » Accessible Ajax Best Practices

Ajaxian » Accessible Ajax Best Practices

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Nice implementation

Comment by cealis — April 19, 2007

Nice implementation, but ajax will be search engine friendly?

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Does ajax produce content for search engines so they can index? I thing it produce in xml.

Comment by Buy cialas — April 19, 2007

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Accommodating the blind is a worthy project, as many of us, spending long hours on the computer, will one day become blind. Take a break now and again.

Comment by cathetel — April 27, 2008

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