Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Accessing the system clipboard from Web applications

Category: Bespin, JavaScript

We had a subtly different use case for accessing the system clipboard. The Flash backdoor no longer works, so I took a step back at the landscape for accessing the system landscape and wrote up some of the items.

The landscape of clipboard API access, hidden text areas, on[cut|copy|paste] events, zeroclipboard, and on and on. Pain.

Then, I followed it up with a second posting on what we have working that gives us both Firefox and WebKit support. What else should we be doing?

I wrapped this up, and more, in the Bespin 0.1.4 release post that chats about the interesting work from the community.

Ben and I are excited to be in London next week and hope that some of you Londoners will be around to chat!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 1:56 am
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I really like the idea to have the dataTransfer object attached to the event object. This way you can only access it when you do an copy/paste operation and not all the time. So I see no security issues with that approach. I hope the Gecko team will implement it the same way WebKit does it using the event object. Then we don’t need this kind of trickery with focusing a textarea etc.

Comment by Spocke — March 5, 2009

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